Yuki (ゆき) is a Black Delmo member.

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Yuki has short black hair. Alongside her Black Delmo uniform, she is seen in casual clothes including white top, denim pinafore dress and white flat shoes.

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Yuki was part of the group of Black Delmo led by Black Delmo Leader which attacked Aika and Gust in the underground parking lot. She and Sae charged Aika together at the beginning of the fight, but both girls were quickly put down without much effort. Sae opened with a blunt frontal attack, which forced Aika to face her first. However, she missed her one hit and was then met with an untimely end as the salvager counterattacked by hitting her square in the head with an electric baton, crumbling to the floor out cold. As Aika unceremoniously dispatched Sae, Yuki tried to surprise her from behind, but the salvager was too fast and quickly turned to face her new opponent. Before the Delmo could even attemp to make a move, Aika buried her electric baton deep in the girl's stomach, causing her to bend at the waist in reacion to the impact before falling backwards unconscious. [1]

Later she is seen during unsuccessful attempt by Delmo Corps to eliminate Aika during her vacation at Peroronka Island. She, Sae and Ai lured Shuntaro Michikusa to a trap and captured him. After some time Yuki appears again, as she stands beside a pool together with Sae and tied Rion Aida and Shuntaro. She kicks Shuntaro to the water, while Sae does the same thing to Shuntaro. However, Aika suddenly jumps from the hotel balcony down, and attacks them. Yuki tries to attack Aika, but Aika grabs her, and throws right to the pool.[2]

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In the pool battle scene during Trial 5, When Ayumi charges Aika she has light brown hair, just like Sae. This is likely a coloring mistake

Black Delmo J and Yuki have very similar hairstyles and the same hair color. The only distinctive difference is that Yuki has small ahoge while Black Delmo J has none

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