White Delmo N (ホワイトデルもN) is a member of White Delmo.


She is easily recognizable for her short reddish-brown hair, ample bust, purple lipstick, and a beauty mark under her right eye. She is first seen during the events of Naked Mission accosting Rion Aida and Maypia Alexymetalia for their ID's after an alarm is triggered Rion and Maypia manage to run away from her. Later for the rest of the first half she is exclusively seen in the command center of the ship alongside many important White Delmo. Similarly she is seen during the events of The Golden Delmo Operation and Delmo Operation: White Silver while the White Delmo are planning their next operations. During the events of Break the Decisive Battle! Delmo Base! she manages to entrap Rion's group in an area where the Golden Delmo are lying in wait. Moments later behind N two Black Delmo are hurled viciously by Aika's Shivie form. As N goes to investigate she is confronted by Aika and the screen quickly cuts to black as N lets out a scream. Lastly she is seen with the Adjutant wounded and bandaged up after Aika's assault.


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