White Delmo (ホワイトデルモ) serve as officers in the Delmo Corps.


Their uniform consists of white top with yellow buttons, red details, and a dark blue neckerchief, a tube blue skirt and white high heels. The skirt is extremely short, barely covering the buttocks, and it's tight tube design is very restrictive of movement, getting immediately hiked up above hip level as soon as the legs are spread even a bit.

Their Commander has two patches on her collar with an "H".


Seen in the first half mostly piloting the ship. After Hagen's demise the Leader is promoted to the Commander of the Delmo and seek revenge on Aika and her entourage. However, after their defeat in the final episode of the original series, she tells the group to stay away from Aika so they can regroup and plan revenge for some future time.

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  • Captain/Commander (デルモ司令): A beautiful green-haired woman. At first she commands White Delmo; after Hagen's death she takes command of Delmo Corps.
  • Adjutant (副官): A woman with short dark-blue hair who is the second-in-command and the commander's lover.
  • Nina Esuko (ニナ エスコ): She was in charge of the air base in Operation Silver Wild Grapevine.
  • White Delmo N
  • White Delmo P
  • White Delmo R

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