Valerie (ヴァレリー Varerī) is a bifauxnen Blue Delmo who took part in Operation Golden Apple. Valerie's role was to pass as a man named Pierre Valimore in order to seduce Aika Sumeragi.

Appearance Edit

Valerie is a tanned-skin woman with short blonde hair with bangs swept to the left (Initially, she had mid-back length hair but she cuts it off to go through with Golden Apple) and blue eyes.


Valerie is first seen in a flashback with Bianca (who was a Blue Delmo then) mourning the loss of a fellow Blue Delmo during the events of A Flower Blooming in Space. She decides to cut her hair in order to pass herself off as a man named Pierre. She then uses her charm to woo Aika Sumeragi and succeeds (of course Aika was charmed by her looks who wouldn't be). Afterwards, Valerie reveals her connection to the Delmo and eventually confronts Aika only to be make quick work of. She gets knocked out with a headbutt which sends her body crashing against a wall. She lands on the floor on a sitting position and her head tilted forward.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Valerie means "strong" and "valiant".
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