Aika and her friends go on the vacation at the sea resort, but Delmo Commander and Delmo Corps have other plans.

Plot Edit

Kitchen Scene Edit

Aika, Rion and Shuntaro are chasen across the hotel by a group of Black Delmo. As they escape, we get many views of the girl's panties as they run through the corridors and up the stairs. Eventually, the delmos manage to corner Aika and her friends in a kitchen, or so they think. The first unsuspecting girl to enter the dark room after the runaways gets hit square in the face by Aika and falls hard to the floor, out cold. Another girl is then knocked out with a knee to the stomach. A third girl receives a kick in the stomach only to fall against a shelf and be buried under a collapsing tower of dishes, wihtout certainty of what exactly finished her off. While Aika takes care of everyone else, one blonde girl with twintails ends up comically struggling with Rion. The latter eventually manages to step on her foot, distracting her and gaining enough time to knock her out with a quick blow to the face that leaves her bleeding from the nose as she promptly falls to the ground.

In the meantime, Aika has been pinned down by the last remaining Delmo, who is sitting on top of her lap and strangling her. Just when everything seems lost Rion demolishes the oblivious girl with a well aimed frying pan to the head. The knocked out delmo then slumps over Aika with a moan. Her body is later taken from top of her and thrown against a wall, where we last see her as we get a view of the defeated girls sprawled across the room.

Tank Scene Edit

After Aika defeats Bianca, the latter calls in 2 tanks as reinforcements. One of them engages Aika and chases her through the hotel, being however unable to hit her. Aika lures the silly unsuspecting Pink Delmo through the narrow corridors to the open space of the hotel lobby, where she manages to get out of their line of sight and get her hands on a fire hose, which she shoves up the tank's cannon. The tank then starts filling with water as the girls inside realize what's happening and go into a panic. The desperate delmos then hurry to exit the tank in an attemp to avoid drowning. However, Aika is waiting for them and as soon as the first one comes out she knocks her out with a hard blow across the face, before the girl can even open her eyes and know what's happening. We don't see what happens to the other Pink Delmo, but when we cut back to Aika and the tank, both girl's soaked and unconscious bodies are seen lying against a wall, defeated.

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