Swirly Glasses Delmo is a member of Black Delmo.

Appearance Edit

Swirly Glasses Delmo has short brown Hair. She is noted for wearing swirly glasses. Aside from her Black Delmo uniform, she is also seen wearing office clothes and green lab coat.

Plot Edit

She is first seen during the events of Delmo Operation: White Silver passing herself off as part of the airbase's staff. It is here she has the illustrious honor of being the only Delmo to carry Aika while shes unconscious .Later she is seen assisting Golden Delmo Rie Petoriyacowa with her tests on Aika Sumeragi. After Rie is put in a sleeper hold and knocked out, Aika heads to the Data Room, where she encounters Swirly Glasses about to make an escape with the disk containing her data. The girl is startled by Aika's appearance and, scared, still attempts to run away, but is easily intercepted by Aika before getting far. We do not get to see exactly what happens after, but we do hear her loud yelps and moans from the other room as Aika subdues her. Since Aika is already aware of the girl's involvement in her previous humiliation, we can expect her not to have gone easy on her. When the camera finally gets back to Swirly Glasses, she is subdued on the floor, barely conscious and trembling, with her face down and ass up. She lets out a last whimper as she goes unconscious, her lower body collapsing on the floor with the skirt hiked up. We get several shots of her in this position, one of them right from between her wide open legs as Rie gets away with the data. We can also see for the only time her face without the glasses, since it appears they were knocked off her face in the preceding struggle, which also left her mouth drooling heavily.


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