Suzie (スージ Sūji) is the leader of the Pink Delmo.

Appearance Edit

Suzie is a young woman with short brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears round green earrings. Alongside her Pink Delmo uniform, Suzie is seen in a tour guide outfit consisting of a pink jacket, a white shirt with a yellow ribbon with white gloves, a blue skirt and black high heels.

Plot Edit

Suzie initially seen working as a tour guide on boat. [1] She gives an ocean tour of Saitama, showing and explaining consequences of disastrous world-wide catastrophe which occurred 20 years ago and caused flooding of 95% of world's land area.

Boso Peninsula became Boso Island, resulting in abolition of Chiba Prefecture. And Tokyo is no longer capital of Japan as it now lies underwater. Only Tokyo Tower top is seen above the water which is used as marine radio navigation beacon. As special window in the bottom of the boat opens, tourists can see underwater Tokyo by their own eyes, as well as some lights. Suzie explains that these lights marks areas of Salvager vessel operation. She tells them that salvaging is the process of recovering precious good and data which were lost underwater during this great catastrophe.

During battle of Hagen's ship with enemy fleet she was serving as a spotter, operating one of the ship's rangefinders. She was reporting enemy fleet action directly to the Hagen's ship bridge.[2]

Next time she is seen during the evacuation of Hagen's ship crew after it was sabotaged by Gust. She comes in person to bridge and tells White Delmo Commander that all gunnery personnel (meaning Pink Delmo) had evacuated. After that White Delmo Commander orders all bridge crew to evacuate, and abandons ship with them as well.[3]

Suzie is last seen during an unsuccessful attempt by the Delmo Corps to eliminate Aika during her vacation at Peroronka Island. She was the driver of one of the two armored cars which were deployed on Peroronka Hotel as Plan B, after Aika managed to subdue all the Black Delmo assigned to the mission.

Her car shortly encountered Golden Delmo leader Bianca, who was in fury because of her failed attempt to capture Aika. Bianca ordered the Pink Delmo gunner to exit the car, and she manned the car's gun by herself (thus making the former gunner the only lucky Delmo who avoids being knocked out in the entire epsiode). Meanwhile, Aika managed to hijack the second Delmo vehicle. After some time, Suzie and Bianca's armored car encountered the one driven by Aika and Gozo, and Bianca managed to land a direct hit, making it explode. Confidend of her victory, Bianca left the car to verify Aika's death. However, Aika wasn't killed and she attacked Bianca, beginning a struggle. Upon seeing this, Suzie tried to help Bianca, but she was knocked out by Gozo Aida, who had also exited the car before it exploded and was waiting for the right time to strike. Suzie, being no combat personnel, is easily subdued by him without even putting up a fight. We last see her unconscious on the car, with her head resting over her arms, in a curiously relaxed pose, implying Gozo was fairly kind to her despite the situation.[4]



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