Shivie Neena

Shivie Neena is the Imitation of Shivie Aika (Aika Sumeragi's super strong form). The mysterious Ultranate turns Neena Hagen's skin to white with her hair, red markings, completely covers her private areas and it has a mind of its own.


Created by Rudolf Hagen to combat Shivie Aika. It sports the opposite scheme with red markings and pale skin.


Shivie Neena is the second strongest person in the series. It has tried to match the power of Shivie Aika, but it was of little match. It has the ability to transform into tentacles and blades.


Rudolf Hagen created an device that deactivates this form and reduced it to a ball. This method didn't work the second time. It may work on her too. This form is unstable the reproduced Aika Sumeragi's nanomachine enhancement.

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