Saori (さおり?) is a member of the Black Delmo with blonde hair fashioned in twintails.


First seen with a group of fellow Black Delmo in civilian clothing at the Hotel the K-2 Corporation were visiting on their vacation during the events of The Golden Delmo Operation. In this occasion, she wears a short backless cream coloured dress with matching high heel shoes.

Later she is present when the Delmo reveal themselves before Aika. After Aika manages to compose herself and reunite with Rion Aida, Saori and a unit of Black Delmo chase them down to a kitchen where they begin fighting. As Aika takes care of the rest of the girls, Saori ends up comically struggling with Rion. The latter eventually manages to step on her foot, distracting her and gaining enough time to knock her out with a quick blow to the face that leaves her bleeding from the nose as she promptly falls to the ground.