Rie Petoriyacowa (リエ ペトリヤコワ) is a member of the Golden Delmo with Bianca, Sania and Tonia. She was in charge of Operation Silver Wild Grapevine. Rie is an antagonist in the second part of Agent Aika.

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Rie is a beautiful young girl with long black hair and light brown eyes. She adorns her hair with a pink ribbon in the back. Except her Golden Delmo uniform she is seen in a pink nurse outfit with white socks. Also she is seen in a green flight suit after getting off a combat plane.


She was ordered to study Aika Sumeragi to learn and adapt to her fighting style. Rie managed to trick Aika into taking a pilot adaptability physical examination. During which she took the chance to gather all sorts of data. Soon after her cover was blown by Rion Aida and her allegiance to the Delmo Corps was revealed. Rather than escaping Rie taunted Aika. She then proceeded to send Black Delmo against Aika, all the while taping the entire scuffle. Later she herself engaged Aika. She first seemed to gain the upper hand through a combination of acrobatics, gymnast-like athleticism, and her study of Aika's fighting style. Still, Aika managed to surprise Rie by grabbing her hair and pulling her into a chokehold. Rie's whole body arched as she struggled in vain for a few seconds before being rendered unconscious. After letting out a single sigh her body went limp in Aika's arms. Rie is then released by Aika and she collapses face-down on the floor with her skirt hiked up. Defeated lying down in the middle of the facility's monitor room. Rie wakes up shortly after and manages to escape with the data and report back to the White Delmo. Soon after Aika confronts and defeat's the Delmo Commander and the Adjutant. Upon witnessing this a frightened Rie drops Aika's Data. Shortly after said data is stomped to pieces by Aika.

Discontent with the mission's failure, Rie attempts one last desperate attack on Aika's jet with a portable missile launcher system as the group is making it's escape. Sadly for her, Aika is ready and a projectile fired from by Gozo Aida hits her square in the stomach while she is still aiming. The impact causes the poor girl to jerk uncontrollably, her upper body bending backwards as she moans and accidentally misfires against the Delmo's own transport plane. Rie then collapses forward, ending out cold in a suggestive position, as her body slumps over the weapon's saddle, skirt hiked up and ass sticking out.

She later appears alongside the other Golden Delmo in the Final Episode: Believing that Aika is deceased Rie and the other Golden Delmo, prepare to finish off Aika's friends. Suddenly Aika appears in her Shivie Form, briefly scattering Rie and the rest of the Golden Delmo. After regrouping, they charge at Aika for a final battle. Rie lashes out at her with her whip, but Aika jumps out of the way, and Rie misses. Seconds later Aika swoops back down, striking Rie sharply in the base of her neck and then her upper back, sending her reeling forward. For a brief moment Rie seemingly tries to brace herself, as if struggling to remain conscious, but a second later she succumbs to unconsciousness and collapses forward. Her body is last seen lying on the ground face down, once again with her skirt hiked up.

Trivia Edit

  • Rie bears the honour of being the character knocked out the most times by Aika and her group in the whole series, being left unconscious twice by Aika and once by Gozo. She also goes in a tie with Bianca for the girl knocked out the most by Aika. Only Rin Shiragiku and Kana Shiraishi are knocked out more times on screen, each a total of 4 occasions, but twice it is not by Aika or her group, but by alien tendrils.

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