Reiko and Manami are members of the White Knights. They are not ranked as highly as Kana Shiraishi or Rin Shiragiku who appear to have the same rank as fellow White Knight Misumi.

Both girls are members of the school swim team with Kobayashi as its captain who holds a grudge against her fellow team member named Misumi. After they were probed by Alien Tendrils by Miyu and E.T.A.I. due to their strength. Manami is Reiko's lackey and follows her lead. They were seen trying to defend Miyu Shiratori from being captured.


Reiko has fairly spiky reddish-brown hair tied in a ponytail off to the side of her head, while Manami has light brown hair which reaches a little past her shoulders. Both girls wear the white dress that the White Knights wear, although Reiko wears green sweatbands on her wrists.



Near the end of Episode 2, Reiko and Manami fight Aika Sumeragi in the underground base beneath the chapel. In this occasion they show they have good coordination and fighting skills, but are still both eventually defeated.

Initially the couple could not only hold their ground against Aika, but even disarm and land land a few hits on her. However, when they grew confident and tried to finish her off, the far more experienced fighter turned the tide on them.

At one point in battle, Manami manages to pin down Aika by grabbing her from the back. Seeing the opportunity, Reiko rushes to attack the inmobilized salvager from the front. She takes too long, however, and before she is able to reach the girls Aika manages to free herself by stepping on Manami's right foot, causing the White Knight to get distracted and lose her grip on her. Aika then grabs Manami's head and uses it to help herself jumping on the air, positioning her whole body horizontally with both legs wide spread just as an already too late Reiko comes barging in. In this way the arriving girl's head ends up just between the salvager thighs, where Aika then hastily traps it with a pincer movement as the White Knight can only stare in disbelief. Before any of the two girls can actually realize the full extent of what's happening, Aika follows with a brutal flip, which send them crashing against the floor on opposite directions.

The move leaves both girls dazzled and confused, and Aika quickly moves to make the best of the situation. The unlucky first pick ends up being Manami, who lies head and chest against the floor, totally defenseless, with her butt raised and eyes closed, still struggling to recover from the blow. The poor girl doesn't even have time to realize what's happening before Aika lands a demolishing chop to the back of her neck, which sends her gasping for air as she screams and falls unconscious.

The time used to dispatch Manami, however, is enough to allow Reiko to recover and get back into the fight. Still clearly affected by the blow, the remaining girl decides to charge Aika once more in a last attempt to win the fight. She is too slow again, though, and Aika easily dodges her hit, grabbing her by the waist in the process. In total control of the situation, Aika then unceremoniously turns the helpless girl upside down and, as she can only stare in shock, uses a demolishing piledriver on her, sending her head crashing against the floor. Already soundly beaten, Reiko still struggles against unconsciousness for some seconds, her legs trembling as she fights off the inevitable. It's obviously not enough, though, and finally she succumsbs, her legs crumbling over Aika's shoulders as she goes out of comission with a loud moan, her ass ending up directly in front of Aika 's face.

With both girls finished, Aika then proceeds to recover her gun and continue pushing deeper into the base. She leaves the two White Knights lying unconscious on the floor, Reiko face down and Manami resting on her side, skirts hiked up and asses exposed. Maybe as a sign of respect for her defeated enemies, she gives their unconscious bodies a silent and pityful last look before moving on.


Aftermath Edit

Both girls are later seen draped unconscious over the metal slab. Here we are given a great view of Reiko's ass, which due to the position of her body appears to be especially sticking out. It also seems evident Manami has the biggest hip of all the girls, maybe only rivaled by Kana Shiraishi. Both girls have their skirts hiked up all the way to the waist and beyond and lines of drool fall from their mouths.

Trivia Edit

  • The names Reiko and Manami means:
    • For the name Reiko, it mean "thankfulness" (rei) and "child" (子) (ko), which means "child of thankfulness".
      • It can also mean "bell" (鈴), "beautiful, lovely" (麗) or "the tinkling of jade" (玲) (rei) and "child" (子) (ko).  
      • Part of the name Rei is also part of the Bushido or way of the warrior. The Bushido was basically the Samurai code of honor and "Rei" is translated to "respect".   
    • For the name Manami, it means "love, affection" (愛) (mana) and "beautiful" (美) or "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).
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