Pink Delmo (ピンクデルモ) are the mechanics and engineers of Delmo Corps. They also seen operating heavy weapons, from tanks to battleship guns. Their leader is Suzie.

Appearance Edit

The Pink Delmo uniform consists of a skintight pink one piece dress with white and red around the neck, waist, wrists and a yellow ribbon. The uniform also includes a pink hat and light pink heels. Their leader, Suzie, also wears a pair of round green earrings.


Pink Delmo is a support unit responsible for maintenance and operation of Delmo military equipment and vehicles. They are seen most prominently during Trial 5.

Combat Skills Edit

Due to their assigned tasks, Pink Delmo seem to have no combat skills of any kind, besides operating the varying types of combat equipment the Delmo posses. This can be seen clearly in Trial 5, in which Liz and Betty are hastily left out of comission by Aika as soon as they are forced to leave the protection of their armored vehicle. In that same episode, Suzie is also easily subdued by Gozo when she is caught off guard outside the safety of the tank she was piloting.

Notable persons Edit

  • Suzie (スージ), the leader of the Pink Delmo who has short brunette hair and wears round green earrings. She appears in the beginning of the Agent Aika series working as a tour guide.
  • Vivian (ビビアン Bibian) (Voiced by: Kanako Mitsuhashi), who also has short brunette hair;
  • Liz (リズ Rizu) (Voiced by Yumiko Suzuki), who has shoulder length olive hair;
  • Betty (ベティ Beti) (Voiced by: Junko Takeuchi), who has pixie cut brunette hair.

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