Naomi (なおみ?) is a Black Delmo member.

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Naomi has long brown hair. Alongside her Black Delmo uniform, she is seen in casual clothes including a pale turquoise summer dress and brown heeled boots.

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Naomi was among the group of Black Delmo which attacked Aika and Gust in the underground parking lot, led by the Black Delmo Leader. She tried to use a fancy dropkick on Aika, but the latter evaded her attack and grabbed her leg in the process. Aika then took advantage of her momentum to swing her as she screamed and throw her violently against Rika, who was walking aimlessly and distracted while trying to recover from the electric discharge Aika had given her on the head, thus knocking them both down.[1]

Afterwards, Naomi reappears during the unsuccessful attempt by the Delmo Corps to eliminate Aika during her vacation at Peroronka Island. She is seen again as part of a Delmo group, this time led by Bianca, which confronts Aika in her hotel room, revealing their true identity. However, Aika manages to escape from them by jumping down from her room's balcony, freeing Rion Aida and Shuntarou in the process, so Bianca's group begins a pursuit. After some running, Aika and her friends are forced to fight the Delmo in the hotel's kitchen, making quick work of all of them. During the fight, Aika knocks down Naomi with a precise knee strike. She is the second girl to fall. [2]

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