Nanami (七海) is a member of White Knights. She was the part of White Knights Squad No. 1.

Appearance Edit

Nanami has brown hair. She is seen in her White Knights uniform with long, white thigh-high socks.

Plot Edit

Nanami is one of three most recent White Knight recruits. Their duties are to guard the church which covers the entrance to E.T.A.I.'s underground lair and helping Miyu capture more girls to increase their numbers. Like all White Knights, their combat abilities are of a level that can rival trained combatants like Aika or Risako.

Nanami is the first to fall for Aika's trick when she gets close to inspect the body of the lead Hamlet actress. Aika then violently kicks her in the solar plexus just as she is realizing the trick. The strength of the impact makes her bend furiously at the waist as she screams, causing her ass to lift up and stick out, sending her short skirt flying upwards. She then remains inmobile and in shock for some seconds, her face blushed and Aika's foot still embedded in her stomach, before tumbling over and falling to the floor, where she lies out cold on her side, her skirt obviously hiked up and ass fully exposed.

Later, she, Misaki and Yui are examined by Aika and Karen as the camera pans over their bodies from different angles. They are left lying there and are later retrieved by Miyu, who angry at their failure decides to demote them and keep them as captives insted of allies.

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