The Mind Control Microchip constructed by scientists, model after eyes

Mind Control Microchip

is a remote controlled By Risako Nagisa

Teacher's in control

device small enough to be implanted into a human ass and neck. When the control satellite is within a relatively small window above the chip it can send a signal to activate the chip and implant suggestions directly into the subjects brain, field tests have proven the victims have little brain function other than what their programed to do.

Despite that they do show some emotions.


The Mind Control Microchip is implanted in Midori, Aki, and Kyoko, The Treasure Hunting Club and the Bikini Squad by Risako Nagisa on the order of Mysterious man "Secret Game" and later removed by Risako when her mission became a failure. These are replaced by Alien Tendrils in AIKa Zero.


The effect it has on the victims Midori, Aki, and Kyoko

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