Mina Etsuko (ニナ エスコ Nina Esuko?)[1], in some translations Nina Etsuko, is a member of the White Delmo. During the events of Silver Wild Grapevine she poses as the commander of an airbase to trick Aika Sumeragi.

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Nina is a young woman with short black hair and light blue eyes. She wears the standard uniform of the White Delmo, a formal white top and a black miniskirt, with a pair of white panties underneath.


Mina airfield

Mina (on the far right) welcomes Aika and her friends at the airbase

She is seen solely operating the ship in the first half of Agent AIKa. Later during the events of Silver Wild Grapevine, she passes herself off as the commander of an air base, only to end up being knocked out by Aika during the altercation with the Commander and the Adjutant. She is seen one final time at the round table when Tonia and Sania are being briefed during the events of Trial 7.

Combat Skills Edit

Despite her high level among the White Delmo, Mina appears to have no combat skills whatsoever. Not only does she not aid the Commander and Adjutant while Aika is fighting them, but she misses an easy shot on Aika while the latter was distracted.

Defeat Edit

After the Adjutant is defeated, Mina tries to shoot the distracted Aika, but misses and begins to panic, backing up against a wall and screaming in fear as Aika charges toward her. She is grabbed by Aika, who gives Mina a backbreaker, slamming her spine onto her knee. In pain, Mina begs the Commander for help, but Aika quickly delivers an elbow strike to Mina's stomach, knocking her out and causing her body to go limp, her legs splaying. Aika then proceeds to push Mina off her knee, and the young woman's body sprawls on the ground spread-eagle, her skirt hiked up her thighs due to her widely spread legs, her panties exposed.

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  1. Although her correct name is Nina Esuko, Mina Etsuko is the most popular variant of her name translation.