Liz (リズ) is a Pink Delmo with short olive hair.

Plot Edit

Together with Betty, Liz composes the crew of one of the 2 armored vehicles which the Delmos use to try to take down Aika and her team for good as things start to go awry for them in Trial 5.

By the order in which both girls exit the tank when it starts getting flooded, we can assume Liz handles the turret while Betty is in charge of driving, though both girls could have gotten mixed up in their desperation to escape.

Her light tank lands right on top of the Hotel's Casino, breaking through a huge glass panel on the roof to the surprise of Rion, Gozo and Shuntaro, who happened to be there at the time. It then inmediately starts shooting at the startled group, forcing them to run and take cover. However, right as the Delmos are succeeding in cornering the defenseless Salvagers, Aika makes her appearance and manages to get their attention. The girls then leave the rest of the group alone and focus on giving chase to Aika, who hastily draws them away from her friends.

Confident in the superiority of their armored vechicle, the Delmos carelessly go after Aika by themselves, chasing her through corridors and stairs trying to get a clean shot on the Salvager. However, due to her higher mobility Aika remains able to outmaneuver them the whole time. Eventually, the girls lose sight of their target and come to a halt at one of the Hotel's lobbies, where they take a break to study the situation and analyze their next move.

Unfortunately for them, this was Aika's plan all along, as the Salvager wasn't really running from them but rather leading the unsuspecting girls to a well thought out trap. Thus, the Delmos don't get to have much time to think anything. As the vehicle remains inmobile, Aika quickly gets a hold of one of the Hotel's fire hoses and shoves it up the tanks barrel, starting to flood it's interior with water at high speed. As the girls inside realize what's happening, they both go into a fit of panic, screaming in desperation as the level of the water steadily rises. Eventually, they decide to make a run for it and attempt to escape the flooding vehicle.

As the tank's hatch opens, Liz is the first to burst out, totally soaked in water. Sadly for the poor Delmo, Aika is already expecting her and she is barely able to catch a quick breath before the Salvager lands a demolishing blow across her jaw which inmediately leaves the girl our of comission.

Next time we see Liz, she is leaning against a wall unconscious, together with the also knocked out Betty. Both girls are drenched in water and Aika has taken possesion of their tank, leaving them defeated and humiliated.

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