Lead Actress


The Lead Actress is the leader of the Drama Club, a group of teenage girls from the academy who, under the influence of the White Knights, attack Aika and Karen Minamino while they are undercover.


The Lead Actress has blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. As the first time we see her she is practicing for a play, she is actually in costume. Strangely enough for a representation of Hamlet, the attire consists of a skimpy red dress, barely long enough to offer some coverage to the girl's rear. The high neck dress ends in a white collar which is partially open at the front, allowing to show off a generous cleavage. It also sports some yellow details in the edges of the cloth, and is complemented with a belt which is used to fasten it below the waist. The costume is completed with white boots, no socks being used.

We also manage to see the Lead Actress out of costume for a brief time after she has been put down by Aika, since the Salvager sees herself forced to strip the girl and steal her clothes as part of a devious plan to ambush the first squad of White Knights. In this occasion, in which she is still knocked out and only being used as bait, we can see her wearing the standard Academy uniform, though funnily enough it's not actually her own, but Aika's.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike the White Knights, the Lead Actress, as well as the rest of the members of the Drama Club, has no outstanding powers in any way. She's just a regular teenage girl, with no particular fighting skills or prowess, who most probably doesn't even understand the real implications of what she's getting herself into. This lack of expertise in combination with poor judgement by her part end up getting her soundly and mercilessly beaten at the hands of Aika, who has no patience for her silly defiant attitude.

Chances are the White Knights just saw the schoolgirl and her friends as expendable cannon fodder who could simply be thrown at Aika without putting anything important at risk, since the attack would not be able to be traced back to them. Of course this plan backfires when Aika easily puts things together and later impersonates the girl to lay a trap for Misaki, Nanami and Yui.

Fight with Aika

Aika and Karen encounter the Lead Actress and her group while they are apparently practicing lines for a staging of Hamlet. However it soon becomes evident this is just a cover, for the students quickly drop their act and get openly hostile against the two girls while somehow still pretending to continue with the play. It is then than the Lead Actress opens the attack on Aika by charging her head on, using a prop sword as a weapon of sorts.

Aika, though initially baffled and surprised by the whole strangeness of the situation, inmediately gets serious when she finds herself being attacked directly, and orders Karen to stay back while she deals with the threat. Though the Lead Actress initially seems to have an idea of what she is doing, as we see her perform a determined frontal attack on the Salvager, it soon becomes evident this is not the case, as Aika swiflty evades her predictable move and causes her to nonchalantly trip by hitting her feet as she passes. The destabilizing blow soon enough has the poor girl flipping mid-air and falling hard on the floor as she desperately screams, few traces of dignity remaining.

The Lead Actress, being an average girl with no combat knowledge whatsoever, remains so affected by the tough blow she can do nothing but sit silently as all her friends attack Aika and are easily put down one after the other by the Salvager. Only after the last one has fallen, being left out cold on the flloor, does she manage to regain her composture and muster enough strength to stand up and attempt a new attack on Aika. Sadly for her, this new effort is also a total failure, for the Salvager swiflty evades it by jumping above the raging girl just as she comes barging in. What's event worse, before the Lead Actress even gets enough time to realize what's happening, Aika quietly lands behind the schoolgirl and jumps her from the back, easily restraining her in a couple of seconds without much effort.

Thus, the poor girl suddenly finds herself totally defenseless at the hands of her enemy, the sprawled bodies of all her defeated friends laying unconscious around her as a reminder than, whatever might be happening, it is to be taken seriously. Maybe driven by pity, Aika initially pardons the Lead Actress and tries to give her a chance to colaborate, interrogating her on who was actually behind the attack. However, the girl remains defiant, refusing to give any information to her victor and Aika quickly shows signs of starting to get tired of her attitude.

We are then taken to a view from behind both girls as Aika restrains the Lead Actress. The camera is positioned aiming directly, with a slightly upwards viewpoint, at the defeated girl's butt, barely covered by the skimpy red dress. Out of focus, some blurry parts of the Salvager's skirt and legs can also be seen. With everything silent and still, a sudden movement of the Salvager abruptly breaks the peace, just as a loud smack can be heard. Inmediately after, the Lead Actress let's out a loud sad moan as her upper body slumps forward, her ass being thrust back and upwards in the process, as if suddenly and involuntarily standing on her toes. The abrupt movement sends her short skirt flying up, only to softly fall back in place some seconds after, everything going quiet and still once more, the girl frozen in her new unnatural position.

A change of viewpoint allows us to quickly understand what has happened. As the camera positions itself in front of the Lead Actress, we can see the girl's face in an expression of utter shock, cheeks blushed, mouth gaping and eyes wide open, vacant and lost in an unknown point of the celing. Behind her, Aika remains still and unrepentant, cleary not feeling any guilt at just having put down the defenseless girl with a cheap and merciless blow at the back of her neck.

Done for, the Lead Actress lets out some sad whimpers as she collapses forward out cold, her eyes drowsily closing and a thick line of drool emerging from her open mouth as she falls. Disappearing from the camera's line of sight, a hard thud can be heard as her unconscious body lands heavily on the floor. Letting out a sigh of exhaustion, Aika then takes some seconds to wonder how she will hide the voluptuous bodies of the beaten students in order not to arise suspicion. While the Salvager ponders over this, the camera takes a last sad view at the Lead Actress sprawled on the floor. The girl lies flat on her chest, but with her lower body lifted and ass sticking out, as in some sort of high-level-of-mastery doggy position, dress obviously hiked up, providing little to no coverage or protection to her dignity. Her head rests peacefully on the floor looking to the side, where the still open mouth and blushed cheeks can be seen.

Aika at least has the kindness of saving the girl from remaining much longer in such unladylike position by quickly retrieving her unconscious body and placing it over her shoulder before starting to look for a place to hide it. However, just as she is getting ready to stuff the poor student in some dark hole where it will be difficult to find, Karen convinces the Salvager it's a better idea for her to instead switch clothes with the girl and then use her as bait to lay a trap for the White Knights. In the meantime, the whole situation offers us plenty of views of the defeated schoolgirl's rear as Aika and Karen talk.

The last we see of the Lead Actres is her still knocked out body as Aika throws it in the floor of the Church to lure the White Knights out. We don't know what happens to her after this, though chances are she was either captured by Miyu Shiratori or eventually regained consciousness and escaped, having learnt a valuable, though painful and humilliating, lesson.

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