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Karen Clone I is one of Karen Minamino's clones which appear in Episode 3 of Aika R-16: Virgin Mission, Deep Blue Girl. She inhabits an abandoned undersea lab together with the rest of her sisters.


Besides the standard panties, she wears nothing more than a white crop top with purple details, almost identical to the garment Karen Clone D uses, only looser and shorter at the bottom. Her panties exhibit a slighlty different design, shared only with Karen Clone C and Karen Clone H, from the average white model, having a pink undertone and fashioning a purple ribbon above the crotch. The outfit is completed with a pair of over the calf black socks, which all regular sized clones use, without any shoes.


Karen Clone I is the last average-sized clone to be defeated by Aika. After the Salvager has finished putting down Karen Clone H, she takes a moment to rest and tend to her wounds. Is is then than she realizes her work is not yet done, as she suddenly becomes aware Karen Clone I is still standing, knife in hand, just a few meters away from her, amidst her knocked down sisters.

It soon becomes clear, however, the girl is terrified and has no intention to fight, as she cowers down and tries to back away from the Salvager in fear. The camera then changes position and leaves both youngsters alone, instead focusing for a short period of time on Little Karen as she plays with Eri's unconscious body. By the time it comes back to Karen Clone I and Aika, the scenario is not looking good for the poor clone: the Salvager has somehow managed to firmly grab her by the waist from the back and is giving ber a brutal piledriver, sending the poor girl plumetting to the ground head first as she screams in absolute desperation.

The camera then positions itself at floor level, just as the crashing body of the clone is about to brutally slam against it. The teenage girl hits the ground hard, producing a loud thump as her face slams against the solid surface. We can hear her emit a loud moan as her whole body contorts and her neck bends backwards, her skimpy crop top getting lifted in the process, fully exposing her breasts as they bounce in reaction to the merciless impact.

As the ricocheting boobs settle down and the clone seems to go still, the camera then moves upwards to focus on the girl's crotch. We can then see she is actually not done for yet, as her legs go further up in the aire, tense and trembling, while she tries to fight back the unconsciousness slowly taking over her body. During the short period of time this futile process goes on, we can hear the helpless girl let out an assortment of sad yelps and moans, untill she finally goes definitely silent, her legs unceremoniously crumblling forward as she releases a last sad whimper.

The girl put down for good, Aika then relaxes and takes some deep breaths, her face still practically embedded in the clone's rear as a result of the whole ordeal. With all the normal clones having been mercilessly defeated, she finally sets out to rescue Eri from the clutches of Little Karen, apparently the last enemy standing.


The put down of Karen Clone I is probably one of the most unnecessarily brutal in the whole series due to Aika's lack of expertise at the time, and especially considering the girl seemed more willing to run away than to fight if she had been allowed to do so. The salvager seems to just grab a hold of her as best she can, and pays no attention to details in her attempt to just finish the girl off. With the defenseless clone firmly clenched in her arms, she just jumps upwards and then plummets down, seeking to simply take out the clone by making her hit the ground head first. She has no measure or control over the amount of force used, giving herself totally to gravity as she falls downwards. However, in the sloppy position adopted, the girl is far too below her and her head hangs freely, with nothing to encase it as it hits the ground. Thus, the overkill is all set to happen. The clone does hit the ground head first, but since she has it slightly tilted backwards as she screams in fear, the impact hits her square in the face. This causes her neck to bend further back, and the whole head turns backwards instead of to the front, as it should ideally be in this case. As uncomfortable as it might be to the girl in question, it must be said that the position does allow us a clean and unobstructed vision of her breasts as they bounce and jiggle in response to the impact.

However, the affair is not yet over, as Aika is yet to touch the ground. Sadly, as the clone is facing the same direction as her, the head turned backwards means that the poor girl has found her head precisely below the plumetting Salvager. Their bodies being strongly pressed against one another, it means that, even if we do not get to see it, there is only one way for things to turn out. As the clone is lying on the ground pretty much done for, Aika's butt has no other option but to land right on top of the back of her neck, further increasing the pressure on the spine, now not only bent beyond it's realisitc possibilities, but also unmercilessly trapped between the hard floor and the whole weight of the Salvager. The normal thing in this cases would be for the body to naturally straighten itself up, by collapsing downwards and hitting the floor, releasing the tension caused by the nearly unthinkable position. However, since Aika still has the clone firmly grabbed by the waist, this is impossible, and as the Salvager continues to strongly clutch the shaking girl out of fear she might get up, she further racks up pressure to the neck's vertebrae. Thus, the sloppy piledriver ends up being more of a weird chokehold, the poor girl subjected to probably the most brutal knockout in the whole series. Her sad moans as she trembles in shock, still firmly grabbed by Aika, can then come as no surprise. Luckily for her, she does not hold up much longer, and finally succumbs. As the tense Salvager finally feels her go limp in her arms, she at last lets go of her, and thus puts an end to the whole ordeal, one of her sloppiest, though still thoroughly enjoyable, KOs.