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Karen Clone F is one of Karen Minamino's clones which appear in Episode 3 of Aika R-16: Virgin Mission, Deep Blue Girl. She inhabits an abandoned undersea lab together with the rest of her sisters.


Besides the standard panties, she wears nothing more than a skimpy loose black vest with white details, which is barely held together by a little bow just below the neck. Her panties also fashion another ribbon, this time blue, above the crotch. The outfit is completed with a pair of over the calf black socks, which all regular sized clones use, without any shoes.


Karen Clone F leads the last coordinated attack of the clones against Aika Sumeragi in an attempt to neutralize her for good. In this endeavour she is accompanied by Karen Clone G and Karen Clone H. After the Salvager has finished subduing Karen Clone E, the three girls charge her en masse with a huge gravity-defying leap in a hopeful attempt to overwhelm her with numbers while she is down in the floor.

Unluckily for them, they fail to get the element of surprise, as Aika is able to detect the clones as they are barging in. The voluptous body of Karen Clone E just having crumbled to the ground unconscious, Aika does not waste time indulging in her victory and instead rises over the protruding butt of her fallen enemy in order to check for new threats, thus being able to detect the new fast approaching foes. She then falls back strategically just seconds before the 3 girls reach her position, forcing them to pursue her further down. As they touch the ground near the sprawled body of their knocked out comrade, the clones decide to continue pushing forward agressively and once more give a huge leap going after the retreating Salvager.

However, Aika is not actually retreating but rather making time. Just as she sees than the clones compromise in their jump once more, she then stops falling back and charges them mid-air, taking advantage of the fact they are basically defenseless while doing their leap, unable to alter their trajectory to help each other or perform evasive manouvers. They are then pretty much sitting ducks just waiting to be subdued, and Aika readies herself to take advantage of the situation and mercilessly take them out one by one before they can touch the floor.

Being the one leading, the attack, Karen Clone F is the first to be hastily put down. She seems to attempt an attack at the Salvager with her pocket knife, but she never does stand any chance at all as Aika lands a brutal kick on the side of her face which sends the poor girl expectorating saliva all across the room as her whole body bends violently backwards, her skimpy vest billowing open in the process, exposing her breasts. Defeated for good, her unconscious body continues to spin mid-air a bit before starting to plummet to the ground.

As this happens, Karen Clone G makes her "timely" arrival, precisely as the Salvager has finished a 180º turn and is ready to take her on. Scared, the girl doesn't even attemp an attack and limits herself to open her mouth widely in shock as she sees the feet of her enemy fast and ominously approaching. Aika then hits the fear stricken clone right in the front of her neck with the heel of her boots, violetntly sending her flying to the side while she only lets out a sad soft moan, probably the result of a temporal inability to actually scream due to a collapsed trachea. As her friend before her, Karen Clone G spins in the air as her body begins collapsing to the floor, her skimpy skirt and school blouse billowing in the air, exposing her breasts and panties as she falls.

Finally in comes Karen Clone H, who at least tries to take a cheap hit at the Salvager with her pocket knife as she sees her with her back turned. Aika is not distracted, though, and easily dodges the sweep of the incoming knife. Sadly for the girl, her ill-conceived attack leaves her wide open for counter measures and Aika is hasty to take advantage of the situation. Before the clone can even brace herself, Aika follows up with a harsh elbow right to the defenseless girl's jaw, which can only scream loudly as she gushes out saliva everywhere. The strength of the impact causes her head to fall backwards, stopped mid air by the blow, as her lower body keeps pushing forward and her body flips, Aika's lower arm becoming embedded by the girl's geneorus and protruding boobs, in which the outline of the erect nipples can be seen behind the thin cloth.

The whole squad defeated, the camera pans out to an initially peaceful view of the floor just as the bodies of Karen Clone F and G come loudly and violently crushing down, the defeated girls screaming as they hit the hard surface and their bodies contort in reaction to the impact, before going totally inmobile, all their extremities wide spread in a starfish position. Karen Clone G ends up closest to the camera, lying on her back face upwards and head tilted back, her skirt hiked up and exposing her panties. Karen Clone F ends up slighlty behind and face down. Her vest is now wide open, the little ribbon probably unable to withstand the beating, and she lies flat on her chest, her boobs pressed against the cold surface of the floor.

After capturating both girls humilliating ending and stopping slighlty over the sad view of their unconscious defeated bodies , the camera then pans slightly to the left, where we see Karen Clone H is somehow still standing right next to a motionless Aika. This does not last for long, though, as the clone almost inmediately falls to her knees and then continues to crumble further, lowering her butt almost to the floor in a W-sitting position. The camera is fast to take advantage of this, and inmediately relocates to a new postion just behind the crumbling girl, getting a frontal shot of her ass as she sits, her panties deeply lodged between her buttcheeks as a result of all the action. The clone remains inmobile and speechless in this position for some seconds before finally going out for good, her upper body crumbling and slumping forward as she lets out a pitiful moan, ending in some kind of slightly altered fetal position with her wide open butt noticeably sticking out.

With this, Aika mercilessly disposes of the last clone squad and now only has to take care of the few stragglers: Karen Clone I, who by this point is so terrified she doesn't even dare to make a move on Aika, and Little Karen, who is still amusing herself with the unconscious Eri.