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Karen Clone E is one of Karen Minamino's clones which appear in Episode 3 of Aika R-16: Virgin Mission, Deep Blue Girl. She inhabits an abandoned undersea lab together with the rest of her sisters.


Together with Karen Clone B and Karen Clone G, she is one of the 3 clones who wears outfits resembling a school uniform, albeit in skimpy variants.

Besides the standard panties, she wears nothing more than a white sailor suit top with dark blue details, almost identical to the garment Karen Clone B uses, only with a differently arranged kerchief. Wearing no skirt whatsoever and with her short top barely reaching above her belly button, her panties are fully exposed at all times. Like those of most of the clones, they can be appreciated to be white and fashion a little blue ribbon above the crotch. The outfit is completed with a pair of over the calf black socks, which all regular sized clones use, without any shoes.


After Karen Clones B, C and D are hastily put down by Aika, being left humiliatingly sprawled on the floor unsconscious around the Salvager, the rest of the girls pause for a second to talk among themselves and apparently assess the situation before going any further. It is during this intermission that Little Karen suddenly appears and then easily disposes of Eri when the latter doesn't take her seriously.

Alarmed by the appearance of the new foe, Aika subconsciously turns her back to the other clones in order to check on Eri. Sensing an opportunity, Karen Clone E decides to take advantage of the diversion and hastily charges the distracted Salvager, screwdriver in hand. Luckily for Aika, she is able to see the threat just in time and narrowly avoids all the clone's sweeping attacks, though she gets slighly wounded in the left arm in the process.

Upset at her failure, Karen Clone E decides to go for a change in tactics, going all in with a savage frontal thrust against the Salvager, putting the whole weight of her voluptuous body in the ferocious attack. The camera positions itself to take this movement right from behind the clone as she angrily throws herself against the Salvager, screwdriver up in front and body literally bent at the waist in all out attack to try and put down Aika for good. We can thus nicely appreciate her physique as she charges, getting an unrivaled view of her ass as she rushes through.

Sadly for the girl, she wildly underestimates her enemy, and Aika is once again not only able to evade her attack but also take advantage of the sloppy maneuver to firmly grab a hold of the clone by the waist just as she goes through her position. Totally invested in her attack as she was, the clone finds herself unable to take any measures against the move, and is left totally vulnerable at the mercy of her foe. Aika is fast to take advantage of this situation and proceeds to inmediately throw herself backwards against the floor while still tighly clutching the defenseless girl, brutally slamming her face first against the floor, using her own momentun against her. The clone can only scream in pain as she crashes against the hard surface, her whole body going erect and stiff in reaction to the demolishing impact. She stays like this for some seconds, slightly trembling as unconsciousness takes over her.

For capturing this last actions, the camera conveniently positions itself at floor level, right in front of the area where Aika takes the clone crashing down. From this privileged location we not only get an outstanding view of the Salvager's rear, but also of the clone as she twitches and shakes, barely managing to stay in combat. Eventually however, the blow proves to have been just too much for the poor girl and she lets out a sad last yelp as her body begins unceremoniously collapsing. In a matter of seconds, her previously stiff muscles go totally limp and we can admire as she crumbles to the floor. As her butt hits the ground hardly, it bounces and jiggles for some seconds before going absolutely inmobile, the girl out could for good. Conveniently enough, the crumbling butt of the clone lands right in front of the camera's position, providing us with a glorious last view of the defeated girl as she gets added to the list of put down clones.

Some seconds later, when Karen Clones F, G and H charge Aika, we get a full body view of Karen Clone E as Aika falls back, leaving behind her knocked out body. The girl is lying face down on the floor, legs spread and arms above the head. As a result of the whole fight, her skimpy top is now hiked upwards, now barely reaching below breast level. As the fight continues we get some further views of the clone as she lies sprawled on the floor.