Karen Clone A

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Karen Clone A is one of Karen Minamino's clones which appear in Episode 3 of Aika R-16: Virgin Mission, Deep Blue Girl. She inhabits an abandoned undersea lab together with the rest of her sisters.


She wears a skimpy purple, barely hip length, chemise with a little white bow on the chest. Her panties also fashion another ribbon, this time blue, above the crotch. The outfit is completed with a pair of over the calf black socks, which all regular sized clones use, without any shoes.


Karen Clone A is the first clone to appear as Aika Sumeragi and Eri Shinkai are inspecting the undersea lab. She startles both girls while they are focused inspecting one of the lab's computers, causing Eri to fall to the ground in shock.

After the initial surprise, Aika and Eri fall back and realize they are actually surrounded by the clones, which don't seem initially hostile. They then try to communicate with them, but their efforts are cut short when Karen Clone A turns aggresive and lounges towards them.

Indeed, from one moment to the other and without previous warning, the clone crouches and then jumps acrobatically in the air, even doing a flip mid-flight before landing right in front of Aika and Eri. She then strikes at the Salvager with a knife, but Aika is already on guard and easily evades the attack. She then counter attacks with a brutal kick below the girl's breasts, right in the solar plexus, which causes the clone to scream and expectorate profusely in all directions as she is violently thrown backwards.

The girls is then sent flying pretty much all the way back to her initial position, her whole body bent in response to the blow, ass sticking out.

After a lengthy flight, the clone's unconscious body finally plummets to the floor, hitting it hard butt first. She stays there inmobile, head tilted backwards, arms outstretched and legs wide spread, lying on her back in a rather humiliating starfish position. Her mouth is gaping open, and her breasts protrude prominently upwards, nipples noticeably erect. Due to the whole ordeal, the clone's chemise ends hiked up well above the waist, fully exposing the girl's panties.

It is in this rather unladylike position that she is contemplated by the rest of the clones, who seem to take to heart their friend's shameful defeat and thus openly commit to combat with Aika.


When Karen Clone A jumps to attack Aika and Eri, she's not holding a weapon of any sort. However, by the time she lands in front of them, she has a small knife on her right hand.

Karen Clone A and Little Karen, the first and last clones defeated, wear very similar outfits, have the same hair style, were defeated in a similar manner, and finally both clone girls were knocked out on an identical position. Both have a short chemise with a white bow on the chest and long hair. Both A and the little clone were kicked in the stomach by Aika while they tried to leap at her with a knife. Both ended up unconscious on their backs, arms and legs spread out starfish, heads tilted back slightly and turned to their right with their short chemise dresses hiked up above their stomachs and the left hem folded up.

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