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Kana Shiraishi (白石 香奈, Shiraishi Kana) is one of the White Knights, and second-in-command to Miyu Shiratori along with Rin Shiragiku.


Kana is a very pretty girl with light brown hair tied in a set of twintails by two hair ties fashioning a purple motif. She wears the white dress that all the White Knights do, although she is seen in flashbacks wearing a classic school swimsuit and swimming cap, as well as her old black uniform. Her attire is complete with a pair of mid-calf white socks and standard black shoes with a medium heel. Like most of the girls, she wears a pair of white panties under her dress, with the distinghising feature than hers fashion a little pink ribbon above the crotch, a feature only seen in hers and Miyu's. Kana's breasts are fairly large for her age, though they are among the smallest in the White Knights, together with Misumi's and Misaki's, and always look especially small in comparison to Rin's huge ones, since they are both always standing close to each other. From the picture drama it appears Kana and Rin may have somewhat of a romantic relationship but it is still a bit ambiguous. She is around 5' 3".

In Aika Zero Picture Drama 2, Kana's panties are shown with more detail, and are white with vertical lace designs framing her groin, and a little pink ribbon in the front below the waistband.


Kana is first seen in Episode 1 in the chapel speaking to Miyu Shiratori and the other White Knights.

She is then not seen again till Episode 2, where a flashback reveals that she was originally the fastest swimmer in the school. However, she was bested by Miyu, and was eventually taken to the chapel by Miyu, along with Rin Shiragiku. There, she is shown bending over with her skirt lifted, baring her panty-covered buttocks and underparts. The Alien Tendrils then penetrate her for the first time, plunging into her vagina. Kana gasps, then falls to the ground unconscious. After the flashback, she is shown, again in the chapel, with Miyu, Rin and E T A I, where the tendrils are attached to several unconscious girls. After Reiko and Manami are knocked out by the tendrils Kana picks Manami up and carries her over to the same couch as Misumi. ETAI then proceeds to preform the tendrils penetration once again on her despite Kana and Rin clearly already being loyal and under their control. Despite ETAI saying this was "for insurance" it seems likely this was only to humiliate or reaffirm their superiority over the high school students. As demonstrated in the basement scene when they are left to delay Aika even as Miyu clearly knows they are not capable of surviving alone by themselves against Aika, ultimately dooming the girls to brutal KOs, Kana and Rin seem to have some elevated status amongst the White Knights, however, Miyu and EATI clearly don't see them as equals and likely view the girls as completely disposable. As they watch, E T A I makes Kana bend over an armchair, baring her underparts for penetration. Rin is the first victim and lets out an agonizing gasp. The camera then pans over to Kana who is bent over an arm chair simply waiting for her turn. She is blushing in embarrassment as she has no control over her situation and already knows what's coming next. Without warning the tendril penetrates her causing her to gasp in pain while arching her back. She starts to drool and appears to go cross eyed, eventually slumping unconscious over the armchair. Kana is later seen in the basement area under the bathroom with Rin, Miyu and E T A I after the bathing girls are penetrated and kidnapped, looking at the naked and unconscious girls suspended by the tendrils. After Aika Sumeragi defeats the first two White Knights in the basement, she vaults down from a platform along with Rin and Miyu to confront her.

At the start of Episode 3, Kana watches as E T A I captures and penetrates Aika with the tendrils, expressing shock when Aika can still move after being penetrated. Miyu reales Aika is too powerful to defeat in a timely manor and instructs Kana and Rin to fight Aika alone as they make their escape. The over confident Kana and Rin then step forward together saying "we won't let you get in the way" then attack Aika with tendrils, but Aika dodges and repels the tendrils by shooting them mid air. Both girls are momentarily worried as Rin remarks "Damn, she's fast". The reality of their situation still hasn't sunk in as both girls smile and launch another tendrils attack seeming positive they had the situation under control. Aika then effortlessly blocks the tendrils with her bare hands. Rin, who seems to be much more intuitive then Kana, starts to realize the two girls have bitten off much more than they could chew. Kana, on the other hand, just looks frustrated demonstrating she had not realized how outmatched they were. Aika then fires at Kana and Rin with her gun. The two girls, now fully in the defense, form a shield with the tendrils. but are startled when their shield does not reform after being dented by Aika's bullets. Kana, still not fully aware of her situation remarks "It won't go back to normal" As seen in episode 1, Miyu uses the tendrils to sheild herself not only from bullets but also a small bomb, so it is safe to say that the tendrils at full power were more than capable of blocking the projectiles. As the two girls were left s a distraction by Miyu, she likely only gave them partial powers as she anticipated their eventual defeat anyways. Thus, the shield is bound to fail. Rin responds to Kana's worried words, "if we get shot anymore.." before being interrupted by Aika reloading her weapon. Rin lets out a surprised and desperate gasp as a confused and terrified look comes across her face as she realizes Aika intended to gun down the defenseless White Knights. Aika opens fire at Kana and Rin once more, this time shattering their shield.

Aika, clearly frustrated with the diversion, doesn't give any time for the poor high school students to surrender even as she realizes the girls now know they were terribly outmatched. As Aika empties her clip, the shield starts to break. A petrified expression comes over Kana's face as she finally realizes what is about to happen. As the shield shatters Rin abandons Kana and leaps away to avoid Aika's fire, but Kana, just now realizing her predicament, is not fast enough and stands behind her failed shield and yelps in agony as she feels several tranquillizer rounds penetrate her now unprotected body which tears off the front of her dress and some of her panties, exposing her breasts and belly, where the tranquilizer darts can be seen embedded. Kana remains standing for several seconds, trembling in shock as she looks down at her exposed body in horror and disbelief. She trembles and moans as she still seems in total disbelief. As she continues to shake, she looks up in Aika's direction, humiliated and scared, she seems to look at her assailant and ask "why?" not understanding why she had been so ruthlessly been denied the opportunity to surrender. Her face flushes as the tranquillizers start to take effect. While tranquillizers were commonly employed by Aika, it only took one dart to render an opponent unconscious. The aftermath shows at least six darts imbedded in her body, Far beyond what any one of Aika's opponents had experienced to date, delivering a close to lethal dose of the toxin to the girl. As the toxin runs through her small body, Kana finally gives in as she is unable to remain conscious. She looks up as her face goes blank into an unconscious death stare. A line of drool falls from her mouth as she lets out her final sad moans before collapsing backwards with a whimper. Her body hits the ground with a loud thud causing her breasts bounce upward, then settle to either side of her chest as she falls still, her arms splayed and her thighs spread apart. The camera then pans to a view of Kana's crotch, where her white panties can be seen stretched tightly over her genitalia, exposing the shape of Kana's labia on the fabric. Kana remains unconscious as Aika fights Rin. After Rin is put down via a neck chop, Aika turns to look at Kana who still hasn't moved as she lays motionless with her eyes wide open and saliva pooling from her mouth.

Miyu shows zero remorse as she watches her lieutenants get brutally defeated on her screen, likely because she viewed them as disposable in pursuit of the mission, While fully anticipating the two girls would fail, possibly even ensuring they would as she did not allow them to have strong enough tendrils to even block tranquillizer rounds. Kana and Rin, despite being completely loyal to Miyu, were nonetheless abandoned by their leader to serve as inconsequential cannon fodder only to buy a few more minuets of time for their costly sacrifice. Aika on the other hand looks back at Kana also showing no remorse for the brutal, and somewhat unnecessary treatment of the White Knight. Thus the two loyal girls are unnecessarily sacrificed to a ruthless opponent by their own leader for a very small, and ultimately pointless victory.

Kana is later captured and draped over a metal slab along with the other White Knights. She and Rin both wake up for a few seconds, only to be hastily put down again by Karen Minamino with two well aimed shots to each of their buttocks. Upon impact, the helpless girls arch their backs for a moment, letting out two barely audible screams, before collapsing unconscious once more, their mouths drooling.


  • The name Kana means "play music, complete" (奏).
  • Kana's surname Shiraishi means "white" (白) (shira) and "stone" (石) (ishi).
  • Kana shares with Rin Shiragiku the dubious honor of being the girls knocked out the most times on screen of the entire Aika franchise, a total of 4 times each. However, rather curiously, it only happens one time at Aika Sumeragi's hands. The first two they are left unconscious by Miyu Shiratori and E.T.A.I. with alien tendrils, initially to get them into the White Knights and later "for insurance", much to both girl's surprise when it happens. The third time is when they do face Aika in combat, and finally the last occasion is when, already defeated, Karen thinks they still deserve some punishment for their actions and hastily puts them down again with tranquilizer darts to their butts just as they begin to regain consciousness.
  • Kana's defeat is often viewed as the most extreme scene in Aika Zero, both because of her exposed breasts and nipples after her dress is torn by Aika's shots, and also due to the close-up shot of Kana's body after she was defeated, with her panties shown stretched tightly over her private parts and the shape of her vulva visible on the crotch of her underwear.

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