Kana Shiraishi (白石 香奈 Shiraishi Kana?) is one of the White Knights, and second-in-command to Miyu Shiratori along with Rin Shiragiku.


Kana is a very pretty girl with brown hair tied in two pigtails. She wears the white dress that the White Knights all wear, although she is seen in flashbacks wearing a swimsuit and swimming cap, and her old black uniform. She wears knee-high socks and black shoes, and like most of the girls, wears a pair of white panties under her skirt. Kana's breasts are fairly large for her age. She is around 5' 3".

In Aika Zero Picture Drama 2, Kana's panties are shown with more detail, and are white with vertical lace designs framing her groin, and a little pink ribbon in the front below the waistband.


Kana is first seen in Episode 1 in the chapel speaking to Miyu and the other White Knights.

She is then not seen again till Episode 2, where a flashback reveals that she was originally the fastest swimmer in the school. However, she was bested by Miyu Shiratori, and was eventually taken to the chapel by Miyu, along with Rin Shiragiku. There, she is shown bending over with her skirt lifted, baring her panty-covered buttocks and underparts. The Alien Tendrils then penetrate her for the first time, plunging into her vagina. Kana gasps, then falls to the ground unconscious. After the flashback, she is shown, again in the chapel, with Miyu, Rin and E T A I, where the tendrils are attached to several unconscious girls. As they watch, E T A I makes her bend over an armchair, baring her underparts for penetration, and then penetrates her once more with a tendril, causing her to slump unconscious over the armchair, saying it was "for insurance". Kana is later seen in the basement area under the bathroom with Rin, Miyu and E T A I after the bathing girls are penetrated and kidnapped, looking at the naked and unconscious girls suspended by the tendrils. After Aika defeats the first two White Knights in the basement, she vaults down from a platform along with Rin and Miyu to confront her.

At the start of Episode 3, Kana watches as E T A I captures and penetrates Aika with the tendrils, expressing shock when Aika can still move after being penetrated. Miyu then instructs her and Rin to fight Aika. She and Rin then attack Aika with tendrils, but Aika dodges and repels the tendrils and fires at Kana and Rin with her gun. The two girls form a shield with the tendrils, but are startled when their shield does not reform after being dented by Aika's bullets. After reloading her weapon, Aika opens fire at Kana and Rin once more, this time shattering their shield.

Rin abandons Kana and leaps away to avoid Aika's fire, but Kana is not fast enough and is struck by multiple rounds, which tear off the front of her dress and some of her panties, exposing her breasts, pink nipples and belly, where the tranquilizer darts can be seen embedded in her body. Kana remains standing for several seconds in shock, then falls backward with a whimper. Her body hitting the ground with a soft thud. Her breasts bounce upward, then settle to either side of her chest, as she falls still, her hands splayed and her legs spread open. The depiction of the crotch is quite radical.It is quite an extreme scene that nearly all of the clothes are defeated and the nipple is shown to the viewers and falls down. Perhaps it can be said that it is the most extreme scene in Aika Zero.

Kana is later captured and draped over a metal slab along with the other White Knights. She and Rin both wake up for a few seconds, only to be hastily put down again by Karen with two well aimed shots to each of their butts. Upon impact, the helpless girls arch their backs and raise their butts for a moment, while letting out two barely audible screams, before collapsing once more, their mouths drooling.

Trivia Edit

Kana shares with Rin the dubious honour of being the girls knocked out the most times on screen of the entire Aika franchise, a total of 4 times each. However, rather curiously, it only happens one time at Aika's hands. The first two they are left unconscious by Miyu Shiratori and E.T.A.I. with alien tendrils, initially to get them into the White Knights and later "for insurance", much to both girl's surprise when it happens. The third time is when they do face Aika in combat, and finally the last occassion is when, already defeated, Karen thinks they still deserve some punishment for their actions and hastily puts them down again with tranquilizer darts to their butts just as they begin to regain consciousness.

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