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Kana (かな) is a member of the Black Delmo.


Kana has pixie-cut black hair. She is seen first in casual clothes including a yellow mini skirt and a green top, both skin tight, as well as platform shoes, and later in Black Delmo uniform.


First seen with a group of fellow disguised Black Delmo at the Hotel the K-2 Corporation were visiting on their vacation during the events of The Golden Delmo Operation.

She is also seen accompanying Bianca while they trail Aika and Valerie posing as Pierre Valimore. Later she is present when the Delmo reveal themselves before Aika. Lastly when Blue Delmo Valerie is found unconscious, Kana and a fellow Black Delmo charge Aika under Bianca's orders. The attack is scarcely successful, though, with the first Delmo girl being put down with a precise elbow to the jaw and Kana being pistol-whipped in the neck by Aika before either can even attempt to land a hit. Kana then falls heavily face down on the floor, unconscious and with her skirt hiked up. She is left knocked out there.


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