The interceptor craft is one of the military equipment the Delmo count with. It is featured only in Episode 7.


It is unsure how many delmos compose the crew of each interceptor, but it is known there is at least 1 driving the ship, one manning the guns, a portable rocket launcher, and 1 commander with an assistant.


The interceptor crafts appear only in the last episode of Agent Aika, as elements of defense of the Delmo Base at sea. They are used to ambush Rion Aida and her group in their attempt to avenge Aika's supposed death. They are vastly efficient at their job and display great speed and manouverability.

However, as most of Delmo's tactics and weapons, they wind up being useless. Rion Aida and the rest are saved by Aika and when they arrive to the interceptors loadind docks, they find their crews unconscious and sprawled on the floor, beaten down when they were outside the safety of their ships.

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