Gusto Turbulence (ガスト・タービュランス) is the son of a company's president. Although he is well-off, he prefers to be independent and became a Salvager to earn his own name.

At first look he may be a brash person, but is skillful. He'd like to have Aika to go out with him, but she refuses. He seems to end up in the right place to get the bounty. Despite his laid back attitude he cal hold his own fighting Delmo with Tonia the only one to beat him

Appearance Edit

in R-16 he was the tagalong with Aika and Eri.In Agent Aika he was the Rival with his partner B.A. Bandora

Plot Edit

In Agent Aika he recuse her from the Hagens and teams up with Rion to get revenge when the Delmos seemly killer her.


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