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Gozo Aida (相田 郷造 Aida Gozo) was an active industrial spy, but rode on the chance of the catastrophic earthquake and entered the salvager business, setting up K2 Corporation, a Salvaging operation. He is Rion's father. He prefers to hold onto the old ways (cheapest price for the best service) and principles of doing business, which does little good to the business. His past with Aika goes far back. He along with Aika appear in all 3 series


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Gozo appears as an old man (in the original series), dark skin and has short black hair.

Fighting skills

Gozo using the "Drunken Fist".

Gozo never had a fight scene expect in Delmo Operation: White Silver were he has a company of beautiful girls with him for karaoke party but those girls turned out be Delmo.

Gozo (drunken state) made quick work of them all.

  • Blue hair & Brown hair these two were the first to attack Gozo, but he dodged them both (brown haired bends herself over in that attempt which made her butt & panties exposed to the camera) they both tried to attack again but this time he counter attacked one (blue hair) with a glass of whisky (or something else) straight to her chin, that knocks her out & the other one (brown hair) gets elbowed in the gut, which made her bend slowly, then she gets hit with the microphone directly to the face, knocking her out as well.
  • Girl who brings mop in a fist fight she got hit with the leg sweep, which made her body fall down and hit the counter table, knocking her out cold & her panties are exposed.
  • the blondie she tried to land a hit on Gozo but he dodges it and delivers a kick right in her face, which sends her body flying throught the air, while in the air her body flips & she lands face first on the ground, now her legs are spread & panties are exposed (one of the best knock outs from the original series).
  • Last (on screen) Gozo headbutted her on the gut, which knocked her out.
  • Aftermath unconscious bodies of the Delmo laying around with their panties exposed.