Golden Delmo (金デルモ) are special forces of the Delmo Corps and the antagonists of the second arc of Agent AIKa.


The Golden Delmo uniform consists of a skintight gold one piece dress which is white around the neck and has a slit around the cleavage area, puffy shoulders, white cuffs, golden high heels, and ankle-high white socks. Also the uniforms have streaks of color around the white neck/cleavage area, the tops of the cuffs, and the lightning bolt and dot on the bottom of the skirt. Each different member has a unique color: black for Bianca, red for Rie, purple for Sania and green for Tonia.


The Golden Delmo unit is formed after the events of A Flower Blooming in Space (evidenced by the fact that during that events Bianca was a Blue Delmo) The unit is formed of Elite Delmo. Noticeable by the fact that this unit provides Aika a formidable challenge. They are however in the end defeated by Aika's Shivie Form.

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  • Bianca (ビアンカ): She tries to humiliate Aika by using a woman disguised as a man to toy with her feelings, and then to capture her alive.
  • Rie Petoriyacowa (リエ ペトリヤコワ): A young operative who during Operation Silver Wild Grapevine tries to study Aika's fighting style.
  • Sania (サニア): One of the two operatives that destroyed the K2 Corporation building. Her preferred weapon is a grenade pistol.
  • Tonia (トニア): One of the two operatives that destroyed the K2 Corporation building. Uses claws on both hands in melee combat.

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