Employee Delmo C is a member of Black Delmo.

Appearance Edit

Employee Delmo C has shouder length brown hair. She is seen in her office suit.

Plot Edit

Employee Delmo C is first seen when Aika arrives to the base, as part of the welcoming committee. In that occasion, she is the girl who can later be noticed checking the cockpit of Rie's combat plane in the background, as Aika and the disguised Golden Delmo talk in the forefront.

Later, she is seen with Casino Dealer Delmo and Bunny Delmo entertaining Gozo Aida while they slowly inebriate him, in order to make him an easy prey to capture. However, unluckily for them, when they finally decide to openly attack him together with a hidden group of Black Delmo, he still easily defeats them despite his drunken state.

Employee Delmo C is thus seen for the last time defeated and unconscious among her also beaten allies, leaning against a wall with her head tilted forwards and her legs wide spread.

Gallery Edit

Trial 6
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