Employee Delmo A is a member of Black Delmo.

Appearance Edit

Employee Delmo A has short brown hair. She is seen in her office suit, which she wears on top of her Black Delmo uniform.

Plot Edit

Employee Delmo A is first seen when Aika arrives to the base, as part of the welcoming committee. Later, we can see her with Employee Delmo B showing Rion and Shuntaro around, and escorting them up some stairs. It is in this instance that the unfortunate low angle of observation allows Rion to see Employee Delmo A's hidden uniform, and she realizes they are being led into a trap. Rion then goes into a fit, grabbing Employee Delmo A's skirt and refusing to let go. Employee Delmo B tries to assist her friend, but between the two are still unable to control the raging girl. The struggle eventually sends all three girls and Shuntaro several floors down the stairs. When the fall is over, only Rion and Shuntaro remain conscious, with both Black Delmo being left out cold. Rion then proceeds to examine Employee Delmo B while Shuntaro steals Employee Delmo A's clothes.

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Trial 6
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