Delmo Commander (デルモ司令 Derumo shirei) is the unnamed leader of the White Delmo. She became commander-in-chief of the Delmo Corps after Hagen's death.

Appearance Edit

Delmo Commander is a beautiful green-haired woman with an ample chest and hazel eyes. She distinguishes herself from her subordinate commanders by wearing two patches with a white H on her uniform's collar. During the events of Trial 6 she wears civilian clothes with a similar motif to her uniform.


She is first seen walking past Hagen. Later she is knocked out by Gust Turbulence and sets off the alarm. Highly accomplished in military and reconnaissance work. After Hagen's demise she took command of the Delmogeny and continues to seek revenge on Aika and her entourage. She is a responsible officer who is very concerned with the welfare of her troops, and has a love relationship with her (also unnamed) Adjutant. She and her fellow Delmo devise a plan to kill Aika and her friends out of revenge for the death of Rudolf Hagen.

She and the Adjutant attack Aika together at the climax of Trial 6, fighting as 1 with very coordinated attacks. They manage to land a hard blow on Aika with a combined flying kick which literally sends her flying several meters into a wall. However, when they seem to be on the verge of victory, they make the mistake of repeating the same attack once more.

This time, Aika is prepared and counters with a brilliant flying kick of her own, a maneuver which takes both Delmo girls by surprise and leaves them defenseless as she lands two devastating blows on their foreheads with the back of her high heels. The sheer force of the impact sends the two lovers flying on separate directions as they scream in anguish.

The Commander lands heavily on the floor after the maneuver, hit yet still conscious, but remains out of comission enough time to allow Aika to hastily take care of both the Adjutant and Mina Etsuko while she recovers. By the time the Delmo Commander is back in the fight, both girls have been hastily put down by the Salvager and are now no more than 2 unconscious bodies unceremoniously sprawled on the floor. Thus, the Delmo Commander suddenly finds herself alone to carry on the combat. This does not seem to scare her, though, and she charges Aika with renewed strength and a fierce look on her face.

The moment of bravery is cut short, however, when upon reaching Aika she discovers that in the meantime the Salvager somehow managed to retrieve her gun, and now has it aiming straight at her chest from point blank distance. Under the realization that she is doomed, the woman can only smile in sad acceptance of her fate just as Aika pulls the trigger and 3 darts get hastily embedded on her body just beneath her breasts. However, Aika is not yet done, as the tip of her gun then surprisingly unattaches itself from the rest of the weapon, revealing a missile like projectile which then proceeds to lodge itself right under the Delmo's prominent chest, in such a way it ends up trapped between her particularly large breasts. Thus, unable to break free in any direction, the missile proceeds to lift the whole girl violently in the air and send her flying several meters towards her desk, as she watches in disbelief, all limbs wide spread.

The missile shortly runs out of momentum, though, and soon loses it's capacity to carry the adult woman any longer. Unfortunately for her, this happens just as she finds herself flying right on top of her armchair. Deprived of any means of correcting her trajectory, the poor Delmo can only brace herself as she falls flat on top of the hard wooden piece of furniture.

The Commander is unlucky enough to land straight on the back of the armchair, which hits her square in the stomach and sends her gasping for air as she screams and spits out saliva uncontrollably in all directions. Her whole body bends violently at the waist as the poor girl takes the brutal strength of the impact, her face blushing violently.

As the blow lands and the very first moments go by, the Commander seems to try to reincorporate slightly, though it remains unclear if it's a voluntary attemp at gaining some composture or just the subconscious aftermath of the blow. Either way, she manages to straighen her back just a bit and lift her head partially, while also slightly raising her arms and legs in what appears as a sad attempt at maybe trying to recover from the blow. We can see a line of drool falls from her gaping mouth, and her eyes are barely open, fixated in some unknown point, as if she was struggling not to close them.

Soon, however, it becomes obvious the attemp is futile. She starts to slowly go progressively limp again, as her arms fall freely and she once more bends against the back of the armchair. Her eyes close further with a pitiable look. She clenches her teeth in a what seems to be a vain attempt at resisting the unconsciousness taking over her whole body.

Then, the camera pans to a view from behind the back of the armchair, on which the girl's butt unceremoniously rests in all it's glory. The Commander's left leg is already down, while the right one is still slightly raised, bent at the knee. Both are however absolutely tense, with the muscles working full time trying to get some movement out of the failing limbs. They are, nonetheless, scarcely lucky.

We can then hear a series of pitiful moans as the poor girl makes a last attempt at staying awake, further raising her right leg as her whole body shakes uncontrollably in an inhumane effort, as if somehow trying to get up. The movements soon arrive to a halt, though, and so does the moaning as everything goes silent. For some seconds, the Commander is somehow able to maintain this position, her legs twitching in useless resistance. Then, finally, the girl gives up with a loud sigh as her whole body goes limp as her muscles relax, legs falling freely. The camera then pans down to reveal, between the legs of the unconscious Commander, a terrified Rie cowering in fear.

The commander returns in Break the Decisive Battle! Delmo Base!.


  • In the English dub, she has a heavy Latin accent.
  • She is known for her love of drinking tea.
  • The Commander and Adjutant's relationship is similar to Miyu Shiratori and E.T.A.I.'s relationship.
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