Aika is Piloting the sub Beluga until Eri, and Karen find an old airport at the bottom of the ocean. After exploring the still functional facility, they finally uncover the secret to Karen's past. Using Karen as a guide.The find an underground laboratory filled with test tubes and equipment. Seemingly empty they find a chamber that Eri figure is for Karen. Eri proceeds to knock out Karen to open the secret chamber. When they enter the find blue pods and computers. While Aika is investigating the contents of the computer, a clone of Karen appears.

Eri and Aika puzzled they try to reason with the clones, but learning that they can't talk (only in tones) Aika tells Eri to stand back so she can fight the clones in a martial-arts free-for-all with an army of half-naked clones whose age and sizes . One lunges at Aika but is quickly taken down, the clones look at each other and the attack in groups. Each one is taken down as Eri cheers Aika on she runs into a little clone. Believing she is too weak to do any harm Eri tell her to leave before she get hurt only to have the little clone hit her in the back of the head knocking her out. Aika noticed Eri is knocked out and more clone attack. While Eri is down little Karen checks to see if Eri is still moving While Aika take down the remaining clones. When Eri flinches the little clone picks up a pocket knife to kill her before Aika interferes. The little clone jumps at Aika only to be kicked away and when she tries to get back up only for Eri to choke her down giving her only win in the series. When Eri get up Aika see a giant nude clone behind her Eri screams but get grabbed and squeezed unconscious. Aika attacked the giant and tries to escape with her two friends. The giant Karen chases after leaving Aika no choice but to fight. Aika tried to take he down but fails and Gian Karen smacks her against the wall. Before Giant Karen finished the job the reall Karen wakes up and talks to her clone (in their language) and calms the giant down Aika wakes up and the all head home. Captain has all the unconsious girls loaded and ready to go back to the mainland.



Aika vs Karen Clones(Beat all but Giant Karen)

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