Casino Dealer Delmo is a member of Black Delmo.


She is first seen working the Roulette at the Casino in the Hotel the K-2 Corporation were visiting on their vacation during the events of The Golden Delmo Operation. Initially she is seen letting Gozo Aida win at Roulette, yet later she seems to send him on a harsh losing streak. Later during the events of Delmo Operation: White Silver she is seen attempting to capture Gozo Aida. After flirting with Gozo and pouring him multiple drinks, she is alarmed by the fact that he seems to vaguely remember her. Later, when the Delmo think they have successfully inebriated Gozo enough for him to be unable to defend himself, she and a group of fellow Black Delmo rush him in an attempt to take him out. Unluckily for them, their effort is futile, as even drunk he remains as much of a hard opponent. She is eventually knocked out by a kick to the face that sends her flying several feet, landing face down with her legs wide spread. However, she is later seen knocked out in a different position when Nina Etsuko attempts to contact her unit for an update.