Bunny Delmo is a member of Black Delmo.

Appearance Edit

Bunny Delmo has short brown hair. She is seen in her black bunny suit and in her office clothes. Alo she wears round purple earrings.

Plot Edit

She is first seen working as a waitress in a Bunny Suit (Similar to the Black Bunny Suit the Black Delmo Leader wears in the ending) at the Casino in the Hotel the K-2 Corporation were visiting on their vacation during the events of The Golden Delmo Operation.

Later during the events of Delmo Operation: White Silver she is seen attempting to capture Gozo Aida. She is alarmed by the fact that he seems to vaguely remember her. Later after they have successfully inebriated Gozo she and a group of fellow Black Delmo rush him in a futile attempt to take him out. She is knocked out off-screen and seen sprawled on the ground later when Nina Etsuko attempts to contact her unit for an update.


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