Blue Delmo V (青デルモV Aoderumo V) is a Blue Delmo member.

Appearance Edit

Blue Delmo V has short black hair. She is always seen in her Blue Delmo uniform.


During the events of Trial 4, Blue Delmo V was part of the Blue Delmo group which captured Maypia and Gozo Aida during their attempt to infiltrate Hagen's ship.

She then proceeded to escort them together with her comrades, presumably to some kind of detention cell. However, they never made it there, as halfway during the journey, the bombs planted by Gust Turbulence exploded, destabilizing the ship. Shocked, the Blue Delmo struggled to keep balance and during those brief moments of distraction, Maypia and Gozo took the upper hand and knocked them out. Blue Delmo V was the first one to fall, being left out of combat with a devastating blow to the neck from Gozo, just as she was pondering what could the source of the explosions be.


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