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Blue Delmo T (青デルモT Aoderumo T) is a Blue Delmo member.


Blue Delmo T has shoulder length brown hair. She is always seen in her Blue Delmo uniform.


Blue Delmo T is first seen during Trial 2 as one of Blue Delmo group who tried to attack Shivie Aika on the deck of Hagen's ship.

During events of Trial 4, she is seen helping injured Blue Delmo together with other Blue Delmo.

During the events of Trial 6, Blue Delmo T was part of the Blue Delmo squad which barricaded themselves in a corridor in order to stop Aika from pushing deeper into the base, towards the Delmo Commander's office. She is seen laying on her stomach and holding her rifle, as part of the 4 girls who form the initial line of defense.

However, she and her comrades were unable to hold Aika, as Aika during her charge shots Blue Delmo U (do not confuse with Blue Delmo Leader), Blue Delmo W and other Blue Delmo standing in back line with her stun gun, rendering them unconscious. After that she knocks down Blue Delmo T by falling on top of her back and disables Blue Delmo S and Blue Delmo B with precise blows to their necks, using both her hands. Finally, Aika hastily disables Blue Delmo C by landing a devastating hit to the helpless girl's neck with none other than her foot, sending her gasping as she arches her back and lifts her butt. In the result all 4 girls who were standing in front line simultaneously crumble as they fall unconscious.


Trial 5

Trial 6