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Blue Delmo B (青デルモB Aoderumo B) is a Blue Delmo member.


Blue Delmo B is a member of the Blue Delmo with long brown hair. She is always seen in her Blue Delmo uniform.


During events of Trial 4, she was part of the Blue Delmo group which captured Maypia Alexymetalia and Gozo Aida during their attempt to infiltrate Hagen's ship. She was knocked down when Maypia and Gozo escaped from them.

During the events of Trial 6, Operation Silver Wild Grapevine, she was part of the Blue Delmo squad which barricaded themselves in a corridor in order to stop Aika from pushing deeper into the base, towards the Delmo Commander's office. There she is seen sitting with one knee drawn up and holding her rifle, as part of the 4 girls who form the initial line of defense. The barricade is completed by 3 more Blue Delmos who are standing in the back, one of them being the unarmed commander of the group.

Despite their best efforts, she and her comrades were unable to hold Aika back, as the salvager rendered their guns useless by using a captured Black Delmo as a shield. This allowed her to charge the shocked group of girls while they could only look in terror, unable to shoot. As she closed the distance separating her from the terrified defenders, Aika made quick work of the 3 back line girls, including the Blue Delmo U (do not confuse with the Blue Delmo Leader), Blue Delmo W and another Blue Delmo, by hitting them with tranquilizer darts, rendering them unconscious.

The three girls then quicky fell to the floor out of comission, skirts hiked up and panties exposed, where they were contemplated in terror by a shocked Blue Delmo B, who only then began to realize the full dire extent of her situation. As she turned to face Aika once more, the salvager was literally already on top of her, throwing her now useless meat shield to distract the girls for good, as she jumped over them and gained their back.

The 4 remaining Delmos then stand still in absolute confusion, as the brief moment of peace is hastily cut short when Aika lands brutally on the back of Blue Delmo T, causing her to arch violently, raising her butt. The rest of the horrified girls have barely time to realize what's happening before the salvager proceeds to finish them off. First come Blue Delmo S and B, who are both taken care of with precise blows to their necks as they can only scream in anguish. Finally, with both her hands occupied, Aika hastily disables Blue Delmo C by landing a devastating hit to the helpless girl's neck with none other than her foot, sending her gasping as she arches her back and lifts her butt.

Thus, all the 4 girls who formed the initial line of defense are hastily taken care of, having been disabled in a matter of seconds. Still in shock, the poor soldiers remain inmobile where they stand, as they slowly take in the blows. They then all go out cold for good simultaneously, their bodies crumbling to the floor with loud sighs as they fall definitely unconscious, certainly one of the most iconic scenes of the Agent Aika series.