Blue Delmo (青デルモ) is an elite infantry class. They carry weapons (usually StG 45 Assault Rifles) and perform duties such as piloting or defending the ship against intruders.

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The Blue Delmo uniform consists of a skintight blue dress with yellow lines around the waist and neck, and a white collar with a black ribbon. also blue high heels.


They are first seen in the parking lot, standing guard over the pile of unconscious Black Delmo. The leader of this unit appears a couple times in the first half. They also confront Aika's Shivie form in Trial 3.

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Blue Delmo are highly dependable on their weapons, having shown on several occasions that once they find themselves in a situation when they can't use them, they are pretty much defenseless, with little or no knowledge at all of close combat. Examples are:

  • In Trial 2, Gust leads 5 Blue Delmo who were chasing him into a thin corridor leading to some stairs. There he makes quick work of all of them with the cornered girls barely being able to put up a fight.
  • in Trial 4, Rion, who was no combat skills at all and was even handcuffed at the time, managed to subdue and knock out Blue Delmo Catherine while she was escorting her to her cell.
  • In Trial 6, Aika took care of a whole barricade of 7 Blue Delmo just by using another Delmo as a shield. Unable to use their weapons, the suppossedly trained soldier girls did nothing more than watch in terror as Aika closed the distance between them and finished them off one by one.

Funnily enough, despite relying heavily on their guns, Blue Delmo have also shown to have terrible aim.

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All Blue Delmo members are listed below:[1]

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