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Zadaw Zadaw 21 September 2017

Karen Minamino Topless

In a flashback, Karen Minamino is shown sunbathing topless in an indoor swimming pool. This is very daring as it is very rare even in Europe to go topless at an indoor swimming pool. This is inconsistent with her generally shy and demure character. Later at the island, she is shown wearing a conservative one-pience swimming suit.

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Random Delmo Random Delmo 13 October 2015

Why Upskirt?

I don't know if anyone wonders... But why does Aika Zero have a lot of upskirt shots? Here's what I think... The reason for this, other than the delmos love to expose themselves, is that there is a tactical advantage to it.

I mean think about it. When a guy sees the panties of a girl then obviously they will stare at it, making their reaction time slower.

5 black delmo girls were running through the alley near the hotel Aika was staying at. Their mission was to take something back from Aika, a small file that Rion took of Aika which could help the delmos devise a plan to beat her once and for all. The problem was they were spotted easily, not because they were wearing their standard black delmo uniform, they were actually wearing undercover …

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Random Delmo Random Delmo 29 September 2015


I know this is not how the delmos act but I wanted to do something a bit different 

Random Delmo (talk) 13:27, September 29, 2015 (UTC)

Daria looked over the side of the tank, inspecting to see if it was still functional. She was told to inspect all the equipment the delmo corp has before she helps the rest load them on the plane to bring it to their new base. Daria let out a small sigh beofre leaning against the side of the tank. “This is boring,” she moaned, “couldn’t they give me a more interesting job.” Daira started to walk around and explore a bit of the artillery around her. Several missile launchers, tanks and an assortment of vehicles lay scattered in the large storage space the corp has. 

Daria was a pink delmo with long flowing bla…

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Random Delmo Random Delmo 27 September 2015


Hi so I noticed there are not a lot of fanfics so I was thinking of writing one myself :p

Though Im not that good.

I was thinking of doing one shots for each delmo and end each with them unconcious or fainted the usual way. 

But uhh I dont know where to start? Anyone got any ideas or request on how to make each girl faint? Specifically?

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