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Black Delmo Leader (黒デルモリーダー) is the unnamed leader of the Black Delmo.


Black Delmo Leader is a young woman with short purple hair with curled ends. She is seen in her Black Delmo uniform.


Black Delmo Leader celebrates Hagen's victory

She is first seen leading a small attack on Aika Sumeragi and Gust Turbulence. However the attempt fails and her entire unit of Black Delmo ends up soundly defeated. When she realizes Neena Hagen is present, she inmediately gets on all fours and tries to apologize for her squadron's failure.

However, Neena is not interested in her excuses and brutally kicks her between her breasts just as she is trying to make amends. The poor girls is caught entirely by surprise, and her wholy body jerks as she takes in the impact, breasts bouncing upwards while she releases a sad moan. In shock but still standing, the Delmo starts blushing furiously as drool emerges form her wide open mouth, and tears can be seen falling from her eyes. Her eyes then go vacant and begin to close, a clear sign she's out for good, just as her upper body starts to crumble to the floor. As her torso plummets to the ground, the movement pulls her short skirt upwards, revealing the few parts of her butt which the miniature cloth still covered. The lower body then collapses as well, the big round butt of the girl jiggling as it hits the floor, legs wide open and panties exposed.

Neena then grabs the girl by her hair and mercilessly lifts her up, unceremoniously throwing the Delmo's unconscious body over her left shoulder, ass upfront. This makes the unfortunate leader the first girl to be draped over someones shoulder. She then gives her butt a tight slap as she tries to use her as an example to scare Aika off her brother's trail.

Later she and the other Black Delmo are seen being punished with spanking by White Delmo.

Black Delmo Leader is taken hostage by Aika and Rion

She is seen later in Trial 4 being attacked by Aika and used as a hostage. Aika tie her hands together behind her back and force her to march, as they walk pass the other Black Delmos in shock that the position she's in, leaving her humiliated. Moments later, Neena appears and transforms into her Shivie Form and proceeds to attack Aika, but in the process knocks out all of the Black Delmo in the corridor. Lastly we see her helping her fellow Black Delmo escape the exploding space station. With the exception of a couple stills in the Special Trial, she does not appear at all during the second half of Agent AIKa.


  • Despite facing Aika in combat twice, she is never actually knocked out by her.
  • Black Delmo Leader is seen in the black bunny suit during the ending of Trial 3: Takeoff Position together with Suzie, Pink Delmo Leader.
  • Unlike other Black Delmos who have white thigh-high socks, hers seem to have a purple tint to them. It could be to signify her position as leader, though that could just be the dark lighting In the parking garage.