Black Delmo J (黒デルモJ Kuroderumo J) is a Black Delmo member.

Appearance Edit

Black Delmo J has short black hair. She is seen only in her Black Delmo uniform

Plot Edit

Black Delmo J was in group of Black Delmo led by Black Delmo Leader which attacked Aika and Gust in the underground parking lot. At first she was able to hit Aika with knee strike and stun her for a moment, allowing Rika to grab Aika from her back. But Aika managed to disable Rika with her electric baton, and after that she knocked down Black Delmo J with high kick.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Black Delmo J and Yuki have very similar hairstyles and the same hair color. The only distinctive difference is that Yuki has small ahoge while Black Delmo J has none.

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