Black Delmo A (黒デルモA Kuroderumo A) is a Black Delmo member.

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Black Delmo A has brown hair that curves upward. She is seen only in her Black Delmo uniform.

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Black Delmo A is first seen as part of a group of Black Delmo led by Black Delmo Leader which attack Aika and Gust in the underground parking lot. She's also the one to open the attack in that occasion, by hitting Gust in his face as he tries to calm the situation.

Sometime during the subsequent fight, Aika manages to grab her by the arm and perform a brutal shoulder throw on her, sending the poor girl crashing against the ground. Though demolishing, the impact fails to leave the Delmo definitely out of comission and Aika is fast to realize this, soon following with an unmerciful punch to the defenseless girl's stomach. The poor Delmo can only moan in pain as Aika's fist buries in her belly, causing her to unwillingly rise up in reaction to the impact, before crumbling once more, knocked down for good.[1]


  • She has the same hairstyle as Suzie.

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