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Black Delmo (黒デルモ) is an infantry unit in charge of carrying out simple missions, mass-attacking in melee, espionage, disguises, and the administration of the ship.


The Black Delmo uniform consists of a latex outfit that appears similar in style to a school uniform. It consists of a skintight "shirt" that has puffy shoulders, a white collar with a small red hankerchief attached to it, and a has a dark grey skirt that only goes barely below the hips, seperated from the main shirt by a white triangular outline. They also have white panties, thigh high socks that have a zigzag pattern on the ends, and black high-heels.


This unit is seen throughout the entire series. They first appear in Beautiful Agent where they unsuccessfully attempt to take out Aika Sumeragi and Gust Turbulence. After their failure they are punished by Neena Hagen and a group of White Delmo. They are seen numerous times being encountered by the main cast during the rest of the series.

Combat Skills

Black Delmo carry no weapons whatsoever, depending entirely on their hand to hand combat skills. Different girls have shown to have varying skills of physical prowess in this respect. For example, in Trial 5 Ai is able to pin down Aika and seems to have been on the verge of finally dispatching the Salvager if it had not been for Rion's intervention. On the other hand, Swirly Glasses Delmo is unceremoniously subdued by Aika with ease while trying to run away from the Salvager, not even having the courage to put up a fight.


All Black Delmo girls are listed below:[1]


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