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Bikini Girl H, a.k.a. "Grey Cheongsam" or "Karate Girl", is one of the members of the Bikini Squad which appears in Episode 2 of Aika R-16: Virgin Mission, Peach Peach Beach. She and her mind controlled friends attack the Treasure Hunting Club under the orders of Risako Nagisa while the unsuspecting girls are trying to have a day of relaxation at the beach. For this offense, they are mercilessly put down by Aika only to be later captured, partially stripped and restrained in the storeroom of the ship.


Red haired girl who wears a particularly skimpy variant of a traditional Chinese dress called a Cheongsam. Her version is grey in colour with yellow lines on the edges and a series of little red bows as details in multiple places. Quite remarkably, the dress is so short it doesn't even manage to cover her panties when standing normally. It's also open well above the hips and almost to the waist on the sides, probably in order to allow free and unrestrained movement of the legs, since she seems to be quite a close combat specialist. The girl's outfit is completed with matching grey wristbands on both arms. She's the only member of the Bikini Squad who doesn't wear high-heeled sandals, preferring standard flat shoes instead.

To further build up her Chinese looks, Bikini Girl H also sports a very characteristic odango style, with her red hair arranged in two buns at the top of her head through the use of yellow laces.

Her appearance gives the strong impression the girl is a martial arts specialist, most probably of Chinese origin. This feeling is further increased by her defiant attitude even after all her friends have been put down, going as far as endulging in a totally unnecessary display of combat moves before trying to engage Aika in combat.