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Bikini Girl A, a.k.a. "Green Bikini" or "Sniper Girl", is one of the members of the Bikini Squad which appears in Episode 2 of Aika R-16: Virgin Mission, Peach Peach Beach. She and her mind controlled friends attack the Treasure Hunting Club under the orders of Risako Nagisa while the unsuspecting girls are trying to have a day of relaxation at the beach. For this offense, they are mercilessly put down by Aika only to be later captured, partially stripped and restrained in the storeroom of the ship.


Bikini Girl B has long blonde hair, which she arranges in a ponytail which goes as far as her lower back. She wears an olive green bikini, composed of a low-rise bottom and a top which is particularly generous in cleavage, probably to show off her more than plentiful breasts. Her beach outfit is completed with a pair of high-heeled sandals.

She's the only member of the Bikini Squad which is armed with a rifle instead of a prod, and this makes her the only girl lucky enough not to have to face Aika in melee combat. Still, even though maintaining her distance from the Salvager, she does not avoid being put down as the rest of her friends.


Bikini Girl A is the girl chosen to initiate Risako's new attack on the Treasure Club by sniping the distracted members as they enjoy a day of relaxation at the beach. In this task she is fairly successful, being able to take down all of the low tier members in a matter of seconds, though, truth be told, they actually offer scarcely any serious resistance, being little more than sitting ducks waiting to be put to sleep. Only Aika, Karen and Gust survive the onslaught, with Eri knocking herself out with a bad jump as she attempted to take cover.

Protected by the shelter provided by a fallen table, Aika then proceeds to try and locate the sniping girl, but is unable to do so. Therefore, she forces Gust to go out of his hiding spot as a trick to get Bikini Girl A to shoot at him and thus reveal her hiding spot. Effectively so, the silly senior student falls for the trap and this allows Aika to pinpoint her position.

Having located her foe, the Salvager does not waste time before opening fire on the inexperienced teenager, who, in fear, crouches further behind the rock she's using as shelter in an attempt to escape the barrage of bullets. This works at first, until Aika decides to get serious and, after aiming carefully, makes one final precise shot in the girl's direction.

This soon turns out to be the end for the poor youngster, who quickly reveals she's been hit as she gets up in recoil to the bullet's impact while letting out a deep and pitiful moan. She remains in this position for some seconds, slightly trembling with a look of anguish as the tranquilizer serum runs though her body. Eventually, her face changes to a blank expression as she releases a last sad whimper and her body finally collapses, unceremoniously crumbling on top of the rock which not long ago had protected it. The defeated girl ends bent at the waist slumped over the boulder, her hands hanging freely and her ass sticking out as a result of the curved position.

Smartly enough, the camera then takes advantage of this and locates itself right behind the girl as it captures Risako approaching, giving us a great view of Bikini Girl A's protruding rear as she lies beaten on the rock. This is the last time we see her in the Episode, until the final scene in which all the defeated girls are shown tied and subdued in the storage room.