Bianca (ビアンカ Bianka) is the leader of the Golden Delmo and an antagonist in the second half of Agent Aika.

Appearance Edit

Bianca has short red hair. Mostly she is seen in her Golden Delmo uniform which has unique black lines. During Golden Delmo operation (Trial 5) she is seen in casual clothes including a black tee with white necktie, a white skirt with a white belt and black high heels. Also she is seen in green robe (when she disguises Valerie as "Pierre Vallimore") and in her Blue Delmo uniform (during her flashback).

Background Edit

Bianca, that time a Blue Delmo, is first seen in a flashback with Valerie mourning the loss of a fellow Blue Delmo during the evacuation of Hagen's ship. Unlike the others she seeks out Aika for revenge.

During events of Trial 5 Delmo Commander put Bianca in charge of operation on Peroronka Island. She was the one who masqueraded Valerie to pose as a man to capture Aika by surprise and, additionally, to humiliate her. She eventually managed to confront Aika but ended up being knocked out by a kick to the solar plexus, right below the breasts. She remains motionless and in shock for a few seconds before her body crumbles slumping forward, falling over Aika with her face ending between her thighs.

She later appears alongside the other Golden Delmo, having believed that Aika is deceased Bianca and the Golden Delmo, prepare to finish off Aika's friends. Suddenly Aika appears in her Shivie Form, briefly scattering Bianca and the rest of the Golden Delmo. Regrouping, they charge at Aika for a final battle. Bianca uses a wrist-mounted flamethrower against Aika. However, to Bianca's horror, Aika dashes through the flames and brutally kicks her in the neck. She passes out but not before she sheds tears over her failure. Her body lands face down, head first with the ass crumbling soon after, her dress hiked up almost to the her chest as a result of the movement.

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