Talking to tendril

Miyu talking to the tendril

In Aika Zero, we have the emergence of an alien antagonist. We do not know much about the alien. It seems that its main purpose was to go to earth to retrieve genetic data about humans. It's first victim was either Miyu Shiratori or E.T.A.I.. It was probably E.T.A.I. though, because she is the stronger one and seems to be in higher command than Miyu.

Powers & Abilities Edit

The user gains the ability to control a tentacle that can from barriers and weapons. It can also causes a quick loss of consciousness and create more tendrils for more effectiveness. It provides the user with Super speed. The marks leave a red star.


Weaknesses Edit

Aika is immune to it powers due to Z.E.R.O inside her body. The barrier it created can only take so much as it could not reform when hit by a hail of bullets leaving the user's inevitable defeat.


Episode OneEdit

In the beginning of the episode, a still innocent Miyu Shiratori is investigating the caves beneath the chapel. As she pushes deeper into the cavern, the girl eventually arrives to what seems to be an alien structure. While she contemplates her discovery in amazement, a solitary string of yellow tendril begins approaching her from a distance. Distracted, the student fails to notice as the tendril gets closer to her, until it places itself right between her legs. It then thrusts upwards and penetrates her by shooting straight up into her butt. The penetration causes Miyu to moan softly as she blushes and loses consciousness, crumbling to the floor. There she lies on her side as more tendrils come to lift her up and take her into the alien structure. It is supposed that this was E.T.A.I.'s first probing of humans.

Soon after this, Miyu has three other girls come in for possible recruitment into the White Knights. The lucky picks are told to go from the school to the chapel. Since they are not White Knights yet, the girls are all still wearing the standard black uniform. Miyu thanks them for coming, and then the three White Knights who accompany her start to molest the recruits, lifting their skirts to expose their rears. The girls put up a little fight, and as this happens we see an alien tendril come unnoticed into the room through a window. The tendril quickly splits into three, and each one heads for one of the girls, penetrating them simultaneously as they scream and blush furiously. We are then given an upclose view of the girls' rears, which initially are all tense and stiff after the penetration, butt cheeks held tightly together in response to the unexpected impact, before they relax as the students falls unconscious and crumble to the floor with a sad moan.

The girls are then placed over their shoulders by Misaki, Yui and Nanami, rears upfront and blatantly exposed, skirts hiked up well above the waist. In this position they are examined by the tendril and determined as worthy, before being pulled up into the ceiling.

At the end of the episode, Aika infiltrates the chapel and finds a bunch of girls suspended in the air by the tendrils. Aika soon gets ambushed by Miyu, and is strangled by the tendrils. She is almost penetrated, but is rescued in time by Risako.

Episode TwoEdit

In the beginning of the episode, E.T.A.I., we see the story of how Miyu found the alien structure. She was led by the alien tendrils. We are then taken to a swim meet, where Miyu is facing Kana Shiraishi, the school champion. Miyu beats Kana handily, much to Kana's surprise.

Then we are taken to the school hallway, where the scores for the highest grades have been posted on the wall. The girls all think that it will be Rin Shiragiku at the top of the list, but Rin herself is surprised to see that Miyu Shiratori has taken the first place from her.

After Kana and Rin are bested by Miyu, they grow eager to join the prestigious club she is forming. Miyu then brings them to the chapel were she tells them to bend over and hike their skirts up. Both students comply submissively, and are penetrated by the alien tendrils on the spot. The girls scream in anguish as the probes find the way into their bodies through their rears, slighlty straightening up their torsos as they turn to face the ceiling with blank eyes, cheeks blushed and mouths drooling. We are subsequently taken to a view of their butts as they fall unconscious and crumble to the floor out cold. They thus become the first members of the White Knights.


The next scene opens with a view of Misumi unconscious, her body bent over the back of a couch. We can see several alien tendrils attached to her along her spinal column. We can also see a knocked out Reiko, whose body is lying face down on the floor. Manami is the only girl still standing, with a slight worried look of disbelief in her face. Miyu and E.T.A.I. don't lose time in correcting this situation, though, and they inmediately send an alien tendril after her. Manami yelps loudly as they tendril penetrates her, before collapsing to the floor with a barely audible whimper.

Kana and Rin then put the unconscious bodies of Reiko and Manami over their shoulders and proceed to carry them to the couch. There they place them bent over it's back, together Misumi, asses upfront with skirts hiked up and torsos dangling behind. The alien tendrils then attach to the other two girls. Kana and Rin then look at each other in surprise as E.T.A.I. sends two additional alien tendrils after them. The girls are told it's just "for insurance", as the tendrils press slightly against the back of their heads and guide them in bending over the arms of two armchairs, being met with no resistance. Once both girls have gone into position, the tendrils fall back and then plunge themselves mercilessly into the students's rears, causing them to scream in anguish before crumbling with a soft moan. Miyu and E.T.A.I. then contemplate the spectacle of all 5 knocked out girls bent over the couches, skirts hicked up and butts sticking out.

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