Ai (あい) is a Black Delmo member.

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Ai has ocher short hair. Alongside her Black Delmo uniform, she is seen in casual clothes including wheat colored long button down dress, white socks and white flat shoes.

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Ai was part of the group of Black Delmo led by Black Delmo Leader which attacked Aika and Gust in the underground parking lot. She charged Aika after the salvager hastily put down Sae and Yuki in a matter of seconds with her electric baton, trying to take her by surprise with a roundhouse kick. However, Aika saw the move in time and was able to easily block the attack, getting a hold of her leg in the process. Thus, Ai suddenly found herself defenseless in Aika´s hands, who quicky took advantage of the situacion to re-accomodate the girl as she could only look in terror, and put her in such a position to be able to land a devastating knee blow right in her wide open stomach. Ai can only scream as the blow lands viciously, before collapsing to the ground unconscious. [1]

Later she is seen during the unsuccessful attempt by the Delmo Corps to eliminate Aika during her vacation at Peroronka Island. She, Sae and Yuki lured Shuntaro Michikusa to a trap and captured him. After some time Ai is seen again as part of Delmo group led by Bianca which confronted Aika in her hotel room, revealing their true identity. However, Aika manages to escape from them by jumping down from her room's balcony, freeing Rion Aida and Shuntaro in the process, so Bianca's group begins a pursuit. After some running, Aika and her friends are forced to fight the Delmo in the hotel's kitchen, making quick work of all of them.

During the fight, Ai somehow manages to gain the upper hand on Aika and pins her down against the floor. Confident there's no other threat nearby, she then starts to slowly choke her as the salvager can only try in vain to resist. The Delmo's assumption, though logical, end up being erroneus, as just seconds before Rion Aida had surprisingly been able to dispatch Saori all by herself. Thus, Ai's strategy is unceremoniously cut short when the sneak blow of a frying pan hits her square in the back of the head as she is busy dealing with the salvager. The poor girl can then only moan in anguish as she crumbles over Aika, almost on the verge of victory but still soundly defeated in the end. She is the last Delmo to be knocked down. [2]

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