Agent Aika (アイカ Aika, stylized AIKa) is an adventure anime OVA series produced by Studio Fantasia. The series follows Aika Sumeragi, a salvager for hire who gets caught up in a plot for world domination. The series were released in Japan from April, 1997 to May, 1998. The anime was initially licensed in North America by Central Park Media, but was later licensed by Bandai Entertainment.

The series was well known for large amounts of fanservice, specifically "creative" camera angles that focused on the undergarments of the many female characters that populate the show. On April 25, 2007 the first volume of the three-part prequel OVA AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission, detailing Aika's time when she was 16 years old, was released in Japan. A remastered version of the original series was released also, along with a special live-action edition of Agent Aika. In 2009 the OVA AIKa Zero with 19-year-old Aika was released.


Tokyo has sunk into the ocean, along with most of the world, during a large-scale land subsidence. Aika Sumeragi is a salvager who works for a small company run by a father and daughter tandem. Alas, the company isn't exactly successful, and money is needed desperately. Thus, Aika accepts the very dangerous job of acquiring an artifact called Lagu for a hefty sum. The boss' daughter, Rion joins Aika on this particular mission, and the two set off.

Later on, Aika and Rion Aida are captured by Rudolf Hagen — an effeminate but oversexed man who wants Lagu and Aika (and just about every pretty girl) for himself. Hagen commands a huge battleship manned (or womanned, in this case) exclusively by droves of cute girls in mini-skirts (an example of what is often called "fanservice"). Alongside Hagen is his obsessive sister Neena, who is jealous of Aika, as well as another salvager named Gusto, who's also after Lagu and has a crush on Aika as well. When Aika's special bustier is activated, she becomes a Superhuman who can take on whole armies by herself.




  • Rudolf Hagen (ルドルフ・ハーゲン Rudorufu Hāgen), 31
  • Neena Hagen (ネーナ・ハーゲン Nēna Hāgen), 28
  • The White Delmo (ホワイトデルモ Howaitoderumo) serve as the officers in the group. They are responsible for the smooth operations of the ship. They are noted for having the biggest breasts and shortest skirts. Notable White Delmo include:
    • Captain/Commander (デルモ司令): She was commanding White Delmo. After Hagen's demise she takes over and seeks revenge on Aika and her entourage. However, after their defeat in the final episode of the original series, she tells the group to stay away from Aika so they can regroup and plan revenge for some future time.
    • Adjutant (副官): She is a second-in-command and the commander's lover.
    • Nina Etsuko (ニナ エスコ): She was in charge of the air base in Operation Silver Wild Grapevine.
  • The Golden Delmo (ゴールデンデルモ Gōrudenderumo) are an elite special force created after Hagen's demise. Notable Golden Delmo include:
    • Bianca (ビアンカ Bianka): She tries to humiliate Aika by using a woman disguised as a man to toy with her feelings, and then to capture her alive. She uses a retractable sleeve-blade in melee combat and has a hidden flame thrower on her right arm.
    • Rie Petoriyacowa (リエ ペトリヤコワ Rie Petoriyakowa): She is a young operative with long black hair in Operation Silver Wild Grapevine who tries to study Aika and how she fights. She pretends to be the conductor of the physical examination in episode 6, but after her disguise is foiled, she continues to gather Aika's fighting data by sending her underlings against her and then taping the entire battle.
    • Sania (サニア): She is one of the two operatives that destroyed the K2 Corporation building. Her preferred weapon is a grenade pistol.
    • Tonia (トニア): She is one of the two operatives that destroyed the K2 Corporation building. Uses claws on both hands in melee combat.
  • The Blue Delmo (青デルモ Aoderumo) are the elite infantry class. They carry weapons such as the Sturmgewehr 45 assault rifle and perform duties such as piloting or defending the ship against intruders. Notable Blue Delmo include:
    • Blue Delmo Leader (青デルモリーダー Aoderumo rīdā): The leader of the Blue Delmo. Her name wasn't mentioned during the series.
    • Valerie (ヴァレリー Varerī): She was disguised as a man named Pierre Valimore (ピエール・ヴァリモール Piēru Varimōru), to seduce Aika.
  • The Black Delmo (黒デルモ Kuroderumo) are the infantry class who carry out simple missions. Work a lot with disguises. Notable Black Delmo include:
    • Black Delmo Leader (黒デルモリーダー Kuroderumo rīdā): The leader of Black Delmo. Her name wasn't mentioned during the series.
  • The Pink Delmo (ピンクデルモ Pinkuderumo) serve as mechanics and engineers aboard the ships and vehicles. Also seen operating heavy weapons, from armored cars to battleship guns. Notable Pink Delmo include:
    • Suzie (スージ): The leader of the Pink Delmo.


The first four episodes were released from April 25, 1997 to January 25, 1998. The opening theme for the first four episodes was "Silent City", performed by Mari Sasaki, and the closing theme was "More Natural" by Hiroko Konishi. Each episode is numbered as a Trial.

The next three episodes were released from August 25, 1998 to April 25, 1999. The animation was redone to include the new characters such as Michikusa. The opening theme was "Manatsu no Seiza" (真夏の星座) by Mink, and the closing theme was "Dance With Me Tonight" by Punky Fruites.

Episode listEdit

No. Title Original release date
1 "Beautiful Agent" April 25, 1997
2 "Naked Mission" June 25, 1997
3 "Takeoff Position" September 25, 1997
4 "A Flower Blooming in Space" January 25, 1998
5 "The Golden Delmo Operation" August 25, 1998
6 "Delmo Operation: White Silver" December 18, 1998
7 "Break the Decisive Battle! Delmo Base!" April 25, 1999
Special "Special Trial" ("Special TRIAL") May 25, 1998

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  • Agent Aika: Anime Legends

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